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Pacific Coast, Wildfire-Produced CO2
Sept. 2020

McConnell Need Not Recuse
Jan. 2020

All Roads Lead to Burrocrats
Dec. 2019

“It’s A Grand Illusion”
Nov. 2019

Why Are the Dems Trying to Impeach Trump?
Oct. 2019

Is the Filer Really CIA?
Oct. 2019

There Is No Whistleblower
Sept. 2019

White Collar Terrorists
Aug. 2019

What The Squad Is Doing
July 2019

Rediscovering An Anthropic Genius
May, 2019

How Many Congressional Republicans Does America Need?
March, 2019

Cometkaze 2017-03-03
Mar. 2017

Harris Faulkner Interviews Pastor William Owens
Jan. 2017

H. Faulkner W. Owens. Transcript only
Jan. 2017

Russia and China Are Not My First Guesses
Oct. 2016

Democratic Elites Not Lifting a Finger To Help Refugees
Oct. 2016

Two More Reasons to Suspect the Democrats of DDoS
Oct. 2016

International Democrat Alert
June 2016

Why the Democrats Resist De-Funding Planned 'Hood
Sep. 2015

Easter Cycle Notes

Beware the New Bolshevik Revolution
July, 2014

PM Netanyahu's Address to the U.N.
Oct. 2013

Saint Patrick's Lorica

Conquer From Heaven
Apr. 2010

Stop Accepting the Fallacy
Jan. 2010

John 1

Luke 6

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