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Eternal Father, Strong to Save. William Whiting, John B. Sykes. 1860-61
Eternal Father, Strong to Save.  With Lyrics
Eternal Father, Strong to Save.  USMC Version

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ANTIFA Threatens “RAGE” At Gays Againts Groomers Protests This Weekend. Dec. 2, 2022. Owen Shroyer
Twittergate proves we need 'big tech reform': Sohrab Ahmari. Dec. 3, 2022. FoxNews
Latest Move From Biden DOJ Shows They Want Trump Arrested Before He Can Run In 2024. Nov. 18, 2022. Owen Shroyer
HANNITY: Vote counting dragging on for days is 'unfair to every candidate and every citizen'. Nov. 11, 2022. Sean Hannity
The Long Drawn Out Ballot Count to Voter Fraud. Nov. 11, 2022.
Episode 2280: New York State Is Standing Up to The Democratic Regime; The Attack On Christians. Nov. 4, 2022. Steve Bannon
Jim Hale Interviews Cardinal Müller on a Variety of Topics. Oct. 17, 2022. LSNTV
Leaving the Democratic Party - The Tulsi Gabbard Show. Oct. 12, 2022. Tulsi Gabbard
SYNOD ON SYNODALITY: Cardinal Gerhard Müller with Raymond Arroyo. Oct. 6, 2022. EWTN
(S)Election Code Full Movie (1:01:35). The Moment of Truth Summit.  September 15, 2022.
Dems Pushing "Electoral Reform Act". Sept. 29, 2022.
Interview with FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin - Part 2 (Ep. 1857).  Sept. 23, 2022. The Dan Bongino Show
Interview with FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin - Part 1 (Ep. 1857). Sept. 22, 2022. The Dan Bongino Show
The Truth About Ivermectin: A new short documentary by Filmmaker Mikki Willis.  Aug. 29, 2022. The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
Glenn DEBUNKS CNN article on 'White Christian Nationalists'. July 28, 2022. Glenn Beck.
'Who would Putin be most afraid of, Sunak or Truss?' | Farage answers your questions. July 27, 2022. Nigel Farage. GBNews
I Stand In Awe (Mark Altrogge) @CHC. December 2008. City Harvest Church
Tucker Carlson: The Biden admin is selling off our emergency oil reserves to China. July 6, 2022. Tucker Carlson. 
Air Force master sergeant expelled after refusing COVID vaccine: 'A problem for right now'. July 7, 2022. Tucker Carlson
Liberal media give anti-life terrorists a free pass. June 16, 2022. The Lars Larson Show. 
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says that his five-year goal to reduce the number of people in the world by 50% “is becoming a reality.” The WEF audience applauds. May 28, 2022. Alex Jones.
FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Doc Showing Bureau Targets “News Media” as "Sensitive Investigative Matter". May 11, 2022. Project Veritas
Puppetmaster Policy-Making. May 3, 2022. Awaken With JP
Michael Savage, PhD, interviews retired U.S. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, PhD, on the Ukraine-R. Federation war. May 3, 2022. Part 1. The Michael Savage Show
Dr. Greg Nigh - Does the mRNA covid vaccine have adverse effects on people? April 20, 2022. The Lars Larson Show
2000 Mules Trailer. Apr. 23, 2022. Dinesh D’Souza
Episode 1: Are You Crazy? Apr. 19, 2022. Church Militant
Obama Reveals Who is Really in Charge of the Brandon Administration | Flyover Clips. Apr. 9, 2022. Flyover Conservatives
Glenn Beck interviews John-Henry Westen about Our Lady of Fatima and Russia. Mar. 22, 2022. Glenn Beck via Lifesite News
Millions Will Get AIDS From Vax by Fall – Dr Elizabeth Eads. Mar. 22, 2022. Greg Hunter's
Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine. March 5, 2022. The Reese Report
This Is Why Senators Were Left STUNNED After Closed-Door Briefing. Feb. 10, 2022. The American Center for Law and Justice
Rideau Canal: Ice skating among the horns and trumpets on 8th day of freedom convoy 2-5-2022. Feb. 5 2022. The 4K Guy - Fire & Police
The Hon. Kenly Kiya Kato gives only Name, Rank and Serial Number to Sen. Hawley (R-MO). Feb. 1, 2022. Forbes
Sen. Cruz (R-TX) couldn't get too-smart-by-half judicial nominee to say that racial discrimination is wrong. Feb. 2, 2022. The Dan Bongino Show
We're in Obama's Third Term. Jan. 25, 2022. A. Bruce
Biden donates $308 million to Afghanistan. Jan. 15, 2022. SAT Media
The Ten Commandments. 1956. Cecil B. DeMille. full movie in technicolor
Elon Musk at the WSJ CEO Council Summit: CEO, CFO, General Counsel are made-up titles, don’t mean anything. Dec. 6 2021. The WSJ
On Sept. 6, 2021, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Said He Was Not Going to Get mRNA’d Right Away. Sept. 9, 2021. Trumpettesters
DoJ NAZIs: Hannity Interviews James O’Keefe after armed FBI team raids his home in southern New York, and siezes his iPhones. Nov. 9, 2021. Sean Hannity
GOP says Washington goes woke as China builds warheads. Sen. Tom Cotton on the Pentagon report that China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal. Nov. 4, 2021. Foxnews
Raymond Arroyo interviews Gerhard Cdl. Müller. Oct. 21, 2021. EWTN
The Vortex Special Assignment: 2020 Elections fraud. Nov. 3, 2021. Church Militant
Ep. 1627 Zuckerbucks, George Soros And The “Movie Script” - The Dan Bongino Show. Oct. 15, 2021. Dan Bongino
Victor Davis Hanson Says America is Becoming a Nation of 'Dying Citizens'. Oct. 17, 2021. Dinesh D’Souza
Phil Kline - Did Zuckerberg help buy Joe Biden the White House? [audio] Oct. 14, 2021. Lars Larson
DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME by Dinah Shore 1950. Columbia Records
EXPOSED: Dems hide HUGE vaccine mandate fees inside budget bill. Sep. 29, 2021. Glenn Beck
Donald Trump One-On-One With Mark Levin. [audio] Sep. 8, 2021. Mark Levin
LEAKED EMAIL shows State Department STILL blocking Afghanistan flights. Sep. 8, 2021. Glenn Beck
President Trump’s Address to the Second Lieutenants. June 13, 2020. West Point
Marine Corps veteran Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass-4) doesn’t Answer Jake Tapper’s Question, ‘Was Chaos Baked-In to the Withdrawal?’ Aug. 18, 2021. The Lead. CNN
Destroyer. 1943. Glenn Ford, E.G. Robinson, Marguerite Chapman. Columbia Pictures
Former CDC Immunization Committee Chair Carol Baker in 2016: “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.” [One laugh is heard].
Mike’s MaoTube channel
Johnny Nash. I Can See Clearly Now. 1971
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[holy Face]AG Garland Names Hague War Crimes Prosecutor As Special Counsel To Investigate Trump.Zero Hedge. Nov. 18, 2022
[holy Face]Patten Asks Pope to Reveal Secret China Deal.Church Militant. Nov. 1, 2022
[holy Face]Swiss bishop condemns the Synod on Synodality as a 'marketing campaign' for heresy.Life Site News. Nov. 4, 2022
[holy Face]Cardinal Müller on Synod on Synodality: 'A Hostile Takeover of the Church of Jesus Christ ... We Must Resist'.The National Catholic Register. Oct. 7, 2022
[holy Face]PRELATE [Gerhard Cdl. Müller] PONDERS STATE OF THE CHURCH.Church Militant. Oct. 5, 2022. See also the original interview in Spanish
[holy Face]Doug Mastriano Slams Joe Biden's FBI for Raiding Pro-Life Pastor's Sept. 25, 2022
[holy Face]Memo to Stacy Abrams: At 6 Weeks, Unborn Baby's Heart Rate is Approximately 110 Beats Per Sept. 23, 2022
[holy Face]January 6th Capitol Security Chief found DEAD! Natural causes? + Dem city crime wave (Episode #456).Michael Savage. July 1, 2022
[holy Face]Google Engineer Warns The Firm's AI Is June 12, 2022
[holy Face]IN UNION WITH ALL THE BISHOPS.The Fatima Center. March 23, 2022
[holy Face]Fact Check-Doctored video appears to show Putin announcing peace.Reuters. March 17, 2022
[holy Face]Russia will stop 'in a moment' if Ukraine meets terms - Kremlin.Reuters. March 7, 2022
[holy Face]Putin Accuses Ukraine of Using Civilians as Shields In Call with France's Macron, Germany's Scholz.Breitbart. March 12, 2022
[holy Face]Biden Fights His Proxy War With Putin.Online Columnist. March 6, 2022
[holy Face]The West Could Have Prevented The Russo-Ukrainian War, But Chose Not To.John Daniel Davidson. The Federalist. Feb. 25, 2022
[holy Face]“When you see the two suns on the horizon, you must know that this is a time of change, a time of this new beginning about which I have spoken to you before.” Our Lady of Emmitsburg's June 1, 2008 Message to the World. Center of the Immaculate Heart. 2008
[holy Face]Canadian Government Proudly Admits to Requesting GoFundMe to Withhold Trucker Convoy Donations – Begs Other Crowdfunding Sites to Follow Suit.The Red American. Feb. 6, 2022
[holy Face]'Red-Handed': 23 Former U.S. Senators and Congressmen Who Lobby for Chinese Military or Chinese Intelligence-Linked Companies.Sean Moran reviews Peter Schweizer's book. Breitbart. Jan. 31, 2022
[holy Face]Freedom Convoy on schedule for Ottawa arrival. Jan. 28, 2022
[holy Face]Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother's Pfizer shot, VAERS report says.Lifesite News. Sept. 6, 2021
[holy Face]Florida man pleads guilty to $25 million extortion scheme against Rep. Gaetz (R-FL) using sex crimes allegations.Scott Davis. Law Enforcement Today. Nov. 30, 2021
[holy Face]Virginia Parents Torpedo Democrats' CRT and Transgender Policies.Neil Munro. Breitbart. Nov. 3, 2021
[holy Face] Fauci pressed to explain 'cruel' grant for tests on beagles being eaten alive by insects.World Tribune. Oct. 24, 2021
[holy Face]More container ship accidents in the Pacific.Sea Tow CT. Oct. 24, 2021
[holy Face]Seattle police officers fly Gadsden flags from patrol cars to protest city’s vaccine mandate.The Post Millennial. Oct. 18, 2021
[holy Face]Absolute Interference: The Sequel to Absolute Proof with New Evidence Foreign And Domestic Enemies Used Computers to Hack the 2020 Election. Brannon Howse. WVW Broadcast Network. April 21, 2021
[holy Face]Heart Inflammation, Blood Clots & Other Dangerous Side Effects Occur From COVID-19 Vaccine, Says Study. Audio: Alex Pierson interviews Univ. of Guelph immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle. Infowars. May 31, 2021
[holy Face]The communists were incredibly successful in infiltrating the Church; McCarrick was one of their men.Church Militant. Feb. 21, 2019
[holy Face]Pastor Arrested For Preaching In Canada Calls From Jail.Alex Jones. May 9, 2021. 13m 25s video
[holy Face]ADOLF HITLER’s lieutenant, testified at the Nuremberg Court of Appeal 75 years ago.Jellyfish News. March 14, 2021
[holy Face]Et Tu, Bezos? Amazon Web Services Unkindly Cuts Parler. Newsmax. Saturday, January 9, 2021
[holy Face]Andy Cuomo in English Gematria equals: 666”.
[holy Face]The 45 Communist Goals As Read Into The Congressional Record, 1963. Donna Calvin. May 2011. Hat Tip: Joe Pags
[holy Face]BREAKING: Antifa mob shows up at Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s DC home, threatens wife and baby. The Post Millennial. Jan. 5, 2021
[holy Face]QR Code Inventor Hacks Georgia Voting Machines During State Senate Hearing, Proves They Connect To Internet & “Communicate Two Ways”. Infowars. Dec. 30, 2020
Memo On SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines:
If you were healthy and got an mRNA vaccine, you would have no clue what would happen to you, because they have not been used on humans before, except for an abbreviated testing period, and because vaccines in general are suspected of causing diseases, such as autism and cancer, and autoimmune responses. Promoting Op Warp Speed vaccines is not an impeachable offense; I am against impeaching President Trump.—MK
Memo On the Doctrine of Christ:
I exhort readers to read the Book of Mormon and live by the Doctrine of Christ, which is recorded in Third Nephi. The Evangelist wrote of the Doctrine of Christ,

Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son. If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him, God speed you. For he that saith unto him, God speed you, communicateth with his wicked works. (Second John 1: 9-11)

Concerning the above passage, Bishop Challoner commented,

Nor say to him, God speed you. This admonition is in general, to forewarn the faithful of the dangers which may arise from a familiarity with those who have prevaricated and gone from the true faith, and with such as teach false doctrine. But this is not forbidding a charity for all men, by which we ought to wish and pray for the eternal salvation of every one, even of our enemies.

Our Lord’s Doctrine is, in His Mind, immutable, and thus in eternal reality immutable, even though vain men try to modernize, mutate and adulterate it with worldly doctrine, making it unworthy to be called His Doctrine (See Third Nephi). God created our first parents; He alone knows exactly how our hearts and minds work. He also formulated for our sake the only Doctrine that is worthy to run human hearts and minds: the Doctrine of Christ.—MK

Memo On the DC Rally Gone Wrong:
Unbeknown to pro-Trump, pro-Constitution ralliers that attended the Jan. 6, 2021 DC rally, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other Democrats had there set a trap for them. On Jan. 5, Bowser sent a letter to federal authorities stating that she did not want additional law enforcement. Dems intentionally left the Capitol building unsecured; they wanted Antifa to break-in, and ralliers to follow; they wanted Capitol Police to let Antifas and ralliers in so that they could prosecute both the promoters of the rally, and the ralliers that entered. Neither President Trump nor Alex Jones wanted Antifa to break in, or ralliers to follow; they wanted the rally to be outside on the grounds only. The President had already approved sending National Guard troops to protect the building before the rally started, but office holders must request such protection, and Mayor Bowser and Congressional Dems not only failed to request it, but also requested that it not be sent. Capitol Police reportedly refused Pentagon and FBI offers to send security. Falling into a Dem trap is not an impeachable offense; I am against impeaching President Trump.

Speaker Pelosi and minority leader Schumer lamely called for the resignations of the Sergeants-at-Arms, who were not to blame. Then they impeached the President before the facts were in, before an investigation was done. Dem office holders are to blame for the Capitol Building incursion. Mayor Bowser is to blame. Antifa is to blame. It was a Dem set-up.—MK

For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. – The Apostle Paul

Symphony No. 9, Scherzo. L.V. Beethoven

U.S. Marines Hymn. 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

In the Mood. Glenn Miller & Orchestra. 1939

Tuxedo Junction. Glenn Miller & Orchestra
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