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Why Are the Dems Trying to Impeach Trump?

Michael Kaarhus
07:51 Wednesday, Oct. 9, AD 2019 GMT

I love the question, why are the Democrats trying to impeach President Trump? Anyone who takes the time and trouble to be skeptical of the Democrats, and to wonder about that question, realizes that the impeachment effort is not about what the Democrats say. Here I share what I think it’s about. Let’s consider two things:

Item 1) The Dems are not winning on cattle flatulence¹, carbon credits, taxing investments that investors haven’t sold yet, Medicare for all, $10,000 for all, free college for all, or any other novel misuses of taxpayer monies to buy votes.

Item 2) At the same time, the Dems are fabricating a bogus case against Trump, and repeating it multiple times, every day, as Goebbels-like, propaganda lies. They want to make us so sick and tired of hearing their lies, that we would say, “Okay I believe you. Just make the propaganda stop!”

The questions are, are they doing Item 2, because Item 1 is a flop? Is their effort to impeach Trump the Democrat’s 2019 campaign? Is Item 1 the cause of Item 2, or did something else cause Item 2?

At first, it seems like they are trying to impeach Trump, because cattle flatulence, et al, was a loser. I have a different conjecture: some of the Dems—especially in the U.S. House—have basically quit campaigning. They’ve got something more important to them to do—keep Trump from digging up more Democratic data that is hidden away, somewhere in the Ukraine.

When Trump started digging in Ukraine, VP Biden’s strong-arming of the Ukrainian government to stop investigating the energy company, Burisma, was only the first thing that he found. Maybe more Democratic Party data from 2014-2016 are hidden in Ukraine. Maybe if Trump were to keep digging, he would find more. So, maybe the Dems had to shut down Trump’s investigations into what Ukraine has on the Democratic Party. According to the whistlebungler’s complaint, the Trump Administration was seeking from Ukraine the DNC servers that Crowdstrike examined (page 2 of complaint). Maybe those servers are there. Maybe the DNC took them there, to keep them out of U.S. jurisdiction, just in case someone in the FBI had thought, “Huh. DNC servers. We don’t have DNC servers. We need to get a search warrant.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, because James Comey and other Clinton sympathizers were running the FBI. Even so, the DNC might have moved the servers out of country, just in case. And what nation would be more friendly to the Obama Malversation than Ukraine? They were beholden to then-President Obama and then-VP Biden for the Kiev Spring.

If the DNC servers still exist, and are in Ukraine, and if Trump got ahold of them, that would be bad news for the Democratic $machine. It could destroy, among other things, the $machine’s two-year, ten-month narrative that the Russian Federation hacked DNC servers. It might pull a lynch-pin on the DNC’s anti-Russian Federation pogrom. They had to stop it.

The President Trump

The Democrats are trying to impeach the ham sandwich, not just on any bogus allegation, but specifically on one that would cause the sandwich to stop digging for DNC servers in Ukraine. This suggests to me that the sandwich was on to something; he had found something. No offense intended to President Trump. I am saying that he is as innocent in this matter as a ham sandwich.

Note 1: It takes a lot of alfalfa to produce cattle. If the U.S. stopped producing beef, U.S. alfalfa farmers would still sell their alfalfa to Asia. And Asians would pick up the slack in producing beef. The U.S. would then become an importer of Asian beef. We would pay more for lower quality beef, when we could just keep producing our own, better quality beef, less expensively.

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