Why the Democrats Resist De-Funding Planned 'Hood
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Why the Democrats Resist De-Funding Planned 'Hood

Michael Kaarhus
09:23  Friday, Sep. 4, AD 2015 GMT. Link updated Nov. 23, 2021 GMT

United States – There used to be a saying in Washington, DC: “a billion here, and a billion there, and pretty soon, you’re talking real money.”  Today, it’s more like a hundred billion here and a hundred billion there.  But to the American poor and working poor, a thousand here and a thousand there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.  A thousand is real money to the average Adam.  So is $500.  So is $250.  So is $125.  When you have $zero, $1 is something to rejoice over.  And if someone kindly gives you $1, you marvel at them.  Here I consider some small sums of cash, wrongly given, and wrongly received.  But let’s begin with some larger sums wrongly given, and wrongly received.

[blood money]

According to Americans United for Life, Congress appropriated $528,000,000 for Planned ‘Hood for 2014.  In the same year, Planned ‘Hood had $127,100,000 in spare cash—mad money—Excess Revenue Over Expenses (The relevant document, Abortion-Inc.pdf, is no longer found at aul.org. This more recent aul.org page is similar, but is for 2016-2017).  That is 24% more than they need.  Why is Congress giving them that much too much?  Why is not Congress cutting the excess—the spare cash that Planned ‘Hood has lying around—the $127 million per year that they certainly do not need?  To an American working poor, that is a ‘load of money; Congress could put it to much better use than just letting Planned ‘Hood sit on it.

Of course, Planned ‘Hood does not absolutely need so much as a dime.  They would be better off eternally to give everyone their final checks and notices, lock the doors, go home, and never come back.  In the above, I refer to the operating cash that Planned ‘Hood says that it needs.

It seems that Planned ‘Hood has so much extra cash lying around that it gives some of it away, not back to the Treasury, where it belongs, but to Democrat office holders, candidates and organizations.  Here we are going to look into something that stinks to high heaven: kickbacks consisting of 40% taxpayer cash to Democrat office holders, candidates and organizations, all laundered in the blood of innocents by Planned ‘Hood.  Let’s consider a few more numbers.

In the same PDF, Americans United for Life reports that the $528 million that Congress appropriates to Planned ‘Hood every year makes up 40% of Planned ‘Hood’s total yearly revenue.  According to opensecrets.org, Planned ‘Hood spent $9,271,411 on political contributions, outside spending, and lobbying expenses during the two year, 2013-2014 cycle.  40% ($3,708,564) of that $9,271,411 is from the taxpayers!  Not chump change.

Of the $9,271,411 that P‘Hood spent, $1,634,162 went to buy lobbyists.  Over those two years, they lobbied for or against some 172 House Resolutions, in accordance with the will of Planned ‘Hood (see opensecrets.org lobbying).  You, the taxpayers paid 40% ($653,664) of P‘Hood’s lobbyist bill.

Of the $9,271,411 that P‘Hood spent, $6,058,338 went to outside spending.  This, I think, is mainly for political ads.  All of Planned ‘Hood’s Independent Expenditures of $6,058,338 were spent on the 2014 Federal Elections.  Most of it was spent in general election, to either oppose or support 36 candidates:

$1,854,476 was spent to support Democrats.
$0 was spent to oppose Democrats.
$13,390 was spent to support Republicans
$2,873,201 was spent to oppose Republicans.

[blood money]

The the above is found at opensecrets Outside Spending Summary.  The salient figure is this: Planned ‘Hood spent only $13,390 to support Republicans.  That is only two tenths of one percent.  P‘Hood spent 99.8% of that $6,058,338 to either support Democrats, or to oppose Republicans.  For whom, and against whom does P‘Hood put its bloodstained money to work?

For Democrats, and against Republicans.  This is an indirect kickback to Democrats for supporting P‘Hood.  The money is not given directly to the Democrat candidates or to their PAC’s.  But P‘Hood spends it on what the candidates themselves or their PAC’s would spend it on.  So it is a sort of indirect kickback.  And 40% ($2,423,335) of it is from the taxpayers.

Of the $9,271,411 that P‘Hood spent, $1,578,911 went to direct political contributions.  40% of it ($631,564) came from tax dollars.  Some of this went to organizations, such as Protecting Choice In California, EMILY's List Non-Federal, Battleground Texas, DNC Services Corp, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and America Votes Action Fund.  None of the $1,578,911 went to Republican political organizations.  By opensecrets.org’s calculations, $679,596 of the $1,578,911 went directly to candidates, or to their PAC’s.

Specifically, P‘Hood contributed this $679,596 to 152 Democrat Senators and Congressmen, and to only one Republican, a Congressman.  The average contribution was $4442.  The one GOP Congressman (name redacted for his sake) accepted $2823.  Boehner accepted nothing.  No GOP Senator (including McConnell) accepted a dime of P‘Hood’s bloodstained kickbacks.  A bit of good news for all of my readers whose sentiment toward the GOP is negative.  My sentiment toward the GOP is positive; I know that there is nowhere else to turn!

This $679,596 in direct contributions is particularly odious, because this is direct kickbacks for doing P‘Hood’s bidding, a key part of which is to appropriate $528 million a year for P‘Hood.  When they appropriate the $528 million, these 152 Democrat Senators and Congressmen essentially write themselves a check—40% of which comes from tax monies—for an average of $4442.  Again, to an American working poor, that is not chump change.  Even 40% of $4442 is not chump change.  That’s rent money.  That’s food money.  That’s gas money.  That’s money for your kid’s shoes and clothes.  But instead of going to the People, that tax money is being bathed in blood at Planned ‘Hood, and then given back to some of the same Senators and Congressmen that appropriated half a $billion for Planned ‘Hood in the first place.

If you do not smell a rat here, your nose is not working.

Here is my answer to the question originally put: The Democrats resist de-funding Planned ‘Hood because if they did so, Planned ‘Hood would not have any excess monies to kick back to them.  If Congress de-funded Planned ‘Hood, the Democrats would stand to lose $7.6 million every two years in contributions and receipts ($1.6 million in contributions, and $6 million in Democrat advocacy, or anti-Republican spending).  I am not even counting the lobbying money.  Is this real money or what?

[blood money]

To me, $7.6 million every two years is real money.  It is real money to Democrat candidates and organizations, too.  To them, it is better to have $7.6 mil every two years than to not have it, even though it is bloodstained, even though 40% of it is public money, and even though it comes to them as either indirect or direct kickbacks.  I would go so far as to say that Democrat candidates and organizations consider bloodstained contributions entirely normal and acceptable.  Money is supreme to them.  Besides political power, money is the most valued thing to their minds.  It is entirely normal for Democrat office holders to serve money, and to do their best to compel everyone else to serve money as well.

In fairness, I am not arguing that capitalists are any better when it comes to serving money.  But Democrat and Communist big shots are capitalists mouthing a poor man‘s ideology.  Their words are lies.  They care about themselves, and about obtaining power and money for themselves, above all things, to the detriment or destruction of anyone who speaks of rights or liberty.  The state must destroy all human liberties, all human rights; and the Democrats and Communists must be the state capitalists—the empowered ones, the wealthy ones, the ones who are ready and willing to break or skirt any law or commandment to obtain and keep wealth and power.

We Christians are called to a better approach: money is to serve us, and we are to serve God, not mammon (cf. Matth. 6:24-34).  Neither are we to serve Planned ‘Hood.

Finally, Planned ‘Hood defenders might claim that Planned ‘Hood does not use any of the $528,000,000 for political contributions.  They might claim that they use for contributions only money from the 60% of their budget that does not come from taxpayer monies.  That would be yet more horse manure from them.  Money is fungible.  That means that you can use it for whatever you want, regardless of how your accountant lists the amounts.  As with the sale of body parts, “It’s just a matter of accounting.”

For example, suppose that your dad is a Republican, and you are his Democrat child.  He loves you, so he gives you $10,000 to help with your college expenses.  But he says, “You cannot contribute any of this $10,000 to Democrat organizations.”  You agree to the string attached, and take the money.  But you want to contribute to Emily’s List, just like Planned ‘Hood does.  So you get a part time job.  And from those earnings, you contribute $1000 to Emily’s List.  You then say, “Dad, I did not give any of that $10,000 to any Democrat organization.”  And you say to yourself, “But that $10,000 sure did pay for my necessities, so that I did not have to spend my earnings on necessities.  Only with the $10,000 was I able to contribute $1000 to Emily’s List.”  So, according to how you cook the book, you did not take of the $10,000 to give to Democrats.  But money is fungible, which means that the $10,000 was a sine qua non for your $1000 contribution; without the $10,000, you might have been able to contribute only $100, or maybe only $10.

It is the same with Planned ‘Hood.  Without the $528,000,000 in public funds, they would not be able to make their $7.6 million every two years in political contributions and outside spending (nearly all of which goes to or for Democrat organizations and/or individuals).  Probably they would still contribute, but much less.


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AUL.org’s 2015, Abortion-Inc.pdf, formerly found at, http://www.aul.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Abortion-Inc.pdf, is no longer there.

Copyright © 2015 Michael Kaarhus.  All Rights Reserved.

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