Beware the New Bolshevik Revolution
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Beware the New Bolshevik Revolution

Is it happening in you?

Michael Kaarhus

July 22, 2014. United States.

I wonder whether or not most Americans ever question their hatreds.  What is that hatred doing there in your soul, expressing itself to the world?  Why are you partaking of the vile hatred for Vladimir Putin?  Why are you attending the Church of Antichrist?  The hatred of Vladimir Putin is a sacrament in that church.

How I wish you would fall away from the Church of Antichrist.  How I wish you would become an unbeliever in hatred.  Have you never learnt how to fall away?  Maybe I can help.  You see, I was once a useful idiot – an unwitting, unknowing adherent to the tenets of that dark faith.  My light was darkness.  Perhaps we can begin by "just saying no" to the darkness.

You who hate, whether you are Left or Right, you know that you hate.  You know that you nurture resentment within you.  Why not say no to it?  Eventually, you might, but will it be too late when or if you do?  You must oppose and reject it before it's too late for you.  Maybe you think your hatred of Mr. Putin makes you a good Leftist.  Or maybe you think it makes you a good conservative.  I think it doesn't make you good at all.

If you are conservative, maybe you think your hatred of Mr. Putin is different from the Left's hatred of him, because you hate him for different reasons!  You hate him because you don't like where he's been.  You don't like his KGB history, and you think he wants to reestablish Sovietism.  Well, you don't seem curious about that.  It's as if you have a ring through your nose, and the spirit of antichrist has attached a line to it, and is leading you, even as it leads the media, and the Left, to focus on Putin, and on Putin's abuses, and to a common hatred of Putin.  "Putin evil!", "Get Putin! Putin a Problem!", "Sanctions on Russia!", "Vive La Revoultion!"  Cannot you see that you are being led by the nose, like cattle?  Cannot you see that you are permitting yourself to join the rebellion?  If Putin were trying to reestablish Sovietism, why hasn't he succeeded yet?  What is stopping him?  He has plenty of power.  If Putin were trying to reestablish Sovietism, why are Leftists around the world up in arms against him?  Would not they be supporting him?  Of course they would.

If you are on the Left, maybe you hate Mr. Putin because he has turned his back on Sovietism, and has taken Russia away from it.  Far away.  Maybe Mr. Putin is causing anxiety to you, because he is making you watch your beloved Soviet Union recede into the dustbin of history.  Maybe you hate him because you love Sovietism, and Putin is anti-Soviet.  As with the Right, it's as if you have a ring through your nose, and the spirit of antichrist has attached a line to it, and is leading you.  Where is antichrist leading you?  In this case, rebellion.  But in general, wherever or to whatever antichrist leads you, it is an evil.

Who wins with all this conflicting hatred of Putin?  Or, who is its designer; who is the evil genius that has the entire world hating Mr. Putin for opposite reasons?

As you may gather, I think it's the spirit of antichrist.  It's a play on hatred.  Antichrist does not care why you hate Putin, antichrist cares only that you do.  Once you do, for whatever reason, the play on hatred succeeds.  Because antichrist doesn't like the demise of the Soviet Union, either.  The USSR was the brainchild and the work of the evil one.  Think: what was the Soviet Union in essence?

The USSR was misanthropy empowered.  It was the hatred of humanity itself, because the evil one has, since the beginning hated humanity itself, just as it hated, and yet hates all of God's Creation.  The evil one, I reckon, wishes to reestablish an empowered misanthropy.  To do so, antichrist tried something that worked before.  It was called The Bolshevik Revolution.

That was where the spirit of antichrist encouraged the whole world to hate Czar Nicholas II.  In return for their hatred, and for their violence, they were promised an equitable system – one where the people would govern, and the abuses of the czars would end.  But the evil of misanthropy was the foundation of this newly-established union, and that evil was off to the races.  It was ahead of all the haters, waiting to destroy them.  And destroy them it did.  The Bolshevik rebels did not govern.  Instead, misanthropes governed.  And they murdered a hundred million or so, including the Bolsheviks.  What ensued was not Bolshevism, but Stalinism.

Hatred and revolution together, then, are a method by which the spirit of antichrist establishes an empowered misanthropy.  And today, the spirit of antichrist has restarted something similar to the Bolshevik Revolution of 97 years ago.  Today, the person the spirit of antichrist wants everyone to hate is not Czar Nicholas, but Vladimir Putin.  This time, the revolution began in Kiev.  Today's Ukrainian rebels are the new Bolsheviks.  And again, the original Bolsheviks were hated and murdered en masse by the misanthropes that subsequently ran the Soviet Union.  The Bolsheviks had done the function antichrist needed them to do.  They were no longer needed.  It you do not believe me, watch the video below, and get it straight from Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB defector.  Listen to him for at least 6 minutes, starting at 54:40.

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And listen to him in a second video below.  Beginning at 43:55, he explains normalization, the final stage of the Soviet conquest of a nation, and what happens to the rebels.  Bezmenov reiterates this from 50:30 to 50:50.

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This also, I predict, would be the end of those who accepted hatred, and rebelled against Putin, unless they somehow manage to break out of their tailspin of hatred, and out of the future antichrist has in mind for them.  They would have accomplished what antichrist needed them to accomplish.  Then antichrist would be done with them.  If they survived, they would have no power, but a misanthrope would be empowered.  The Ukraine, not Russia, is in line to become a new Evil Empire.  Whether its nature would be Communist or Fascist, it matters not; misanthropy is misanthropy is misanthropy.  And antichrist's play on hatred would have succeeded.

I caution everyone; do not play along with antichrist's play on hatred.  Refuse to hate Putin; that hatred is poison; tell antichrist, "Drink that poison yourself!"  I do not argue that Putin has not been somewhat abusive.  So was Czar Nicholas.  I am merely warning that it is an error to permit the darkness of hatred to be your guiding light, or to hate Putin.  But this would be an enormous evil: the New Evil Empire antichrist is trying to establish through the common hatred of Putin, and through the rebellion against him.

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