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Christ Above Me Privacy Policy

Apr. 11, 2023 – Here are my policies covering my use of information acquired by or via I (Michael Kaarhus) am the owner/operator of this site. Unless this site has been hacked, I am responsible for the information posted here.

Cookies and Storage:


Private information is here defined as the following types of recorded information about an identifiable human individual: his or her:

Private vs. Personal:

If personal information or opinions are publicly expressed, then I might not count them as private. Personal information and opinions, once expressed in public, are still personal, in that they are still the responsibility, and in some cases the intellectual property, of the person expressing them. However, they are no longer private.


I recognize that person B might post or share person A’s private information without person A’s consent. Therefore,

Visitor Comments

This site is not set up for visitors to post comments. Visitors may, however, email me and request their comments be posted to relevant pages. In that case,

Site Stats

Servers on which resides log raw data about visits here. Certain apps at generate graphic site stats from the raw data logged.

Hostile or Malicious Use

If anyone threatens, intimidates, or assaults me online, I do not consider that to be private information, and I may post it and/or share it with appropriate authorities.

If anyone attacks this site, or the server this site resides on, I do not consider the information generated from such an attack private, and I may post it and/or share it with appropriate authorities.

Unauthorized attempts to deny service to, or upload or change information on this site may be punishable by laws of various States.

I may appended to or edit this Privacy Policy without notice.

Please feel free to contact me if you have privacy concerns about any information posted on this site.

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