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Michael Kaarhus
20:30 Monday, June 27, AD 2016 GMT

United States – On the Radio yesterday morning was Meet the Left, where they grind up the news that they want us to consume, add some politically correct sawdust, axle grease and coffee, cook it with radio waves, and feed it to us listeners as Irradiated Processed NBC News ProductMeet the Left was sure that they, with help from Hillary for America, had caught Donald J. Trump in a verbal faux pas.  Meet the Left host Chuck Todd interviewed Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort.  Todd played a Hillary for America ad, wherein Trump, who had wisely chosen to visit his golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland, said this:

When the Pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly. (Donald Trump, post Brexit vote, from a Hillary for America anti-Trump ad)

Todd said that the Hillary ad “obviously picks up on what was a head-scratching event earlier this week, Mr. Manafort, which is that, on the day of the biggest news event in the world, he is in the country, at the heart of this, and he is promoting a golf course.”

Manafort replied that the Clinton campaign is “tone deaf”, and that the Hillary for America ad is a distraction, resulting from Ms. Clinton’s fear of the Trump phenomenon.  Okay.  That is what Manafort said.  Here is what I say, after thinking about this for more than a day—a luxury that Manafort did not have.  He had to give a reply on the fly:  There was nothing wrong with Trump’s remark.  Hillary for America took it out of context.  Contrary to what Todd said, Trump was not there just to promote a golf course.  If you watch a video of the whole event in Turnberry, you see that it was actually a nice, long and wide-open press conference—one wherein Trump said quite a bit about Brexit, about people in several countries—including the U.S. and Germany—wanting their country back, and most interestingly, about some errors of President Obama and of Lady Whitehaven7.1, (aka Secretary Clinton, aka other monikers that I will not publish here).  It is because of these Democrat errors that I feel obligated to issue an International Democrat Alert (below).  It’s a public service from Christ Above Me.  You’re welcome.

Trump actually got applause from those assembled, when, in response to a question, he said that, contrary to the way that President Obama was treating the post-Brexit U.K.—sending them to the “back of the line”—Trump would keep the U.K. “at the front of the line.”  They liked that.  Trump had nothing but good things to say about Turnberry, Scotland, and the U.K.  They liked that, too.  It was not the grab-the-mike-and-make-a-self-interested-remark thing that the lamestream media and Hillary for America reported it to be.

Trump spoke at length about his course at Turnberry.  Remarks of this type are perhaps foreign to the lamestream media.  In them, Trump toggles effortlessly between Trump, the resort builder, and Trump, the Presidential candidate.  Lamestream does not get what Trump, the resort builder is doing there.  They think that he should be Trump, the Presidential candidate, 24/7/365.24.  They still do not get Trump.  They think that he should be a Biden, or a Sanders—a career politician.  He isn’t.  And that is one thing that so many of us like about him.  From the same video, we see also that Democrats don’t get the U.K.  And this is where we finally get to the point of this piece: President Obama and Lady Whitehaven7.1 thought that the British would do as they said about Brexit: don’t exit.  The British exited.  Trump speculated that, if only President Obama and Lady Whitehaven7.1 had not told the Brits to stay with the E.U., chances are that the Brits would have stayed with the E.U.  Trump thinks that the Brits don’t like Obama or Whitehaven7.1 telling them what to do.  Who would?  And it seems to me that America has come full circle, from those high-spirited colonists who, some 240 years ago hated the pushy, presumptuous King George III telling them what to do, to the British people today, who hate the pushy, presumptuous Obama and Whitehaven7.1 telling them what to do.  The British declared their independence.  And I entirely understand.  Tea Partiers understand.  Trump understands.  As for Prime Minister Cameron, it seems to me that he has become a victim of Obama’s and Whitehaven7.1’s presumptuous, pushy, bullyrag habits.  Cameron apparently placed too much confidence in Obama, whose confidence in this matter had no solid foundation, and even less popularity; Cameron didn’t have enough skepticism about the American Democrats.  So here it is:

[Robot and Will Robinson]

JUNE 27, 2016

CAUTION!  Lady Whitehaven7.1 and President Obama are pushy, presumptuous bullies.  They are not trustworthy, and are less popular than you might think.  Follow at your own risk.  Trust at your own risk.  DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!  DANGER!

I do not say the same of Trump.  He is not pushy like that.  He doesn’t go around telling the Scots, the Brits, or the Irish what to do.  On the contrary, he works with foreign governments, in order to build beautiful luxury resorts and hotels in their territories, and make money.  He is demonstrably rather proficient at that.  He has built resorts or hotels in Canada, Indonesia, Scotland, Ireland, Panama and Brazil, not to mention five U.S. States and the District of Columbia.  In addition, Trump wants his investments to do well.  You might think that I am stating the obvious.  However, one must consider the kinds of things that people use money for these days, such as, for instance, crashing the British Pound, or the price of silver, or whatever happens to be their traded target du jour.  Trump does not pull his investments, in order to crash the price of something.  And he is, by the way, staying invested in the U.K., even though the value of the Pound decreased post-Brexit.  In the same Turnberry presser, he was asked specifically about that, and that is what he said.  In other words, Trump is a constructive investor, not a destructive one.  And here is another little thing that apparently flew over everyone’s head in lamestream: When Trump said, “When the Pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly”, he knew what he was talking about.  He could have made a much broader statement: when the Pound goes down, more people from outside of the U.K. are going to visit the U.K., and invest in U.K. securities, because they are now getting a better value in terms of their currencies; their currencies can buy more U.K. stuff now than previously.  So, even though destructive investors are apparently trying to crash the British Pound, Trump does not at this point necessarily see that as a bad thing.  He says that it will take five years or so to figure out whether or not the temporary devaluation of the Pound was good for the U.K.  Lamestream and America for Hillary, on the other hand, went straight to a disaster scenario: “We told you not to exit.  But you didn’t listen.  You exited anyway.  And now, it’s Poundageddon.  You should have done as we said.  The Pound will be finished, unless you reverse Brexit.”  Having failed to manipulate the British will, they are now doubling down on their international pushiness: they are trying to manipulate British sentiment.  They are not giving up!  Now it is pushiness + presumptuousness + gloom + doom.  It is as if the Democrats held a séance, and are taking advice from the ghost of King George III.  They are trying to fill British hearts with a sense of impending gloom and doom, in the calculated hope that the British might reverse course, and undo Brexit.  Do not fall for this, either.  Please.  Notwithstanding the fact that I have zero investing experience in FOREX, I think that, as long as the British stay the course that they just decided on, the GBP is, as before, a good investment, and now at a discounted price!  In my inexperienced, non-markets-insider opinion, it is better to buy the GBP, than to buy the Democrat’s gloom-n-doom.

Finally, it can be difficult to discern who wants to take tall buildings down, leaving them and their occupants in a pile of rubble, from who wants to prevent that from happening.  The fact that Trump builds towers is therefore also reassuring: Trump wants his towers to remain towers, not piles of rubble.  It is in his interests.  From that we can safely infer that he also wants all the towers of western civilization to remain towers.  Trump is definitely not anti-tower, anti-luxury, or anti-western civilization.

Copyright © 2016. Michael Kaarhus

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