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All Roads Lead to Burrocrats

Michael Kaarhus
01:08 Monday, Dec. 9, AD 2019 GMT

Rush Limbaugh has often talked about Democrats—I refer to them as Burrocrats—“circling the wagons” when one or more of them are in trouble. Rush’s circling the wagons image fits the impeachment saga rather well, as I will explicate here.

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The Burrocrats thought that Dir. Mueller was going to give them some Russian Federation-related crime or misdemeanor to impeach President Trump on. After that fizzled like a sparkler in a bucket of water, they kept trying to find another sparkler to light. The burrocrats had to try to make everything impeachable or ridiculous that Trump did, because they had nothing to impeach him on. Trump fires Dir. Comey? Impeachable. Trump talks with a foreign leader? Impeachable. Trump offers to buy Greenland? Ridiculous. Trump works with Ukraine through Mayor Giuliani, instead of partisan Burrocrats from President Obama’s State Department burrocracy? Impeachable.

I am trying to think of something impeachable that Trump has done. And I can’t even find element zero. Speaker Pelosi (D. - San Francisco) announced yesterday that the constantly-changing focus of the impeachment inquiry has now changed to the Russian Federation, and “All roads lead to Putin”. That’s good news, because we’ve heard it before, and we know there’s no element there to push onto the list of impeachable offenses. From Rush, we even have a way to visualize it.

The wagons that the Burrocrats circled were moving the whole time. Whatever Trump did, Burrocrats followed him there in their wagons, to investigate whatever-it-was. That’s because they had nothing to charge him with. One day, it was firing Dir. Comey. Then it was talking with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Then it was firing Ambassador Yovanovitch, an anti-Trump, partisan Burrocrat. Then it was sending Mayor Giuliani instead of a Burrocrat. Then it was pardoning Navy Seals, and firing the obdurate Navy Sect’y, Mr. Spencer. Some think that Trump must be crazy, because he keeps doing things that Burrocrats might make a little political hay with. But they try to make political hay with everything that Trump does, so why should Trump worry about that?

No reason to worry. Trump might as well keep doing what he does so well: advance the interests of the U.S., preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and fire some bad apples along the way. If they’re going to try to impeach him for that, well, let them.

House Burrocrats have been following Trump’s every move in their wagons, that are circled. What eventually must happen?

Eventually, the circled wagons must return to the place that they started. And voilà! Here we are again! Deja vu!

But I do I think the ‘Aha!’ moment for the country was the action taken by the president Trump appointee, the inspector general of the Intelligence Community, who said that there was a credible report from a whistleblower of grave concern and that Congress should be aware of that. And that is the facts of the Ukraine situation, just changed everything. The polls went from 59 opposed to impeachment, 34 in favor, to about even. And let me just say this, this isn’t we’re saying Ukraine. The Ukraine was the vehicle of the president’s actions, asking the president of another country to make an announcement that he was investigating the president’s political opponent and withholding military assistance that was voted by the Congress of the United States, unless and until he did so, the president did so. But this isn’t about Ukraine. This is about Russia. Who benefited by our withholding of that military assistance? Russia. It’s about Russia. Russia invading eastern Ukraine. Over ten thousand people died, now maybe thirteen thousand, some of them in the absence of our conveying that military assistance that was voted in a bipartisan way by the Congress of the United States. So sometimes people say, well, I don’t know about Ukraine, I don’t know much about Ukraine. Well, our adversary in this is Russia. All roads lead to Putin, understand that. And so, that was the ‘Aha’ moment... (Speaker Pelosi)

The Burrocrats have come full circle. This gives me the impression that there is no new ground for them. All that they can do is go around the same circle again. When were we here before?

One of the earlier overt moves by the burrocracy against then-President-elect Trump was on Dec. 29, 2016, when lame duck President Obama expelled thirty-five Russian Federation diplomats, and shut down R.F.-owned compounds in Maryland and New York. I think that the expulsions were to try to provoke the Trump team to communicate with the R.F. Communication was in order, because kicking out diplomats is what a nation does before it starts a war. The R.F. probably wanted to know: did the Trump Admin. plan to start a war with the R.F., once sworn-in?

For whatever reason, General Michael Flynn communicated with R.F. ambassador Kislyak before the new Administration was sworn-in. And the calls were leaked. Kicking out the diplomats was a set-up, one of many. The burrocracy was executing overt parts of their anti-Trump strategy by then.

On Jan. 6, 2017, the Obama Intell Community publicly published a report to the effect that the R.F. had meddled in the 2016 elections in favor of Trump and against Sect’y. Clinton.

At the behest of the Clinton machine, Fusion GPS had already produced The Steele dossier. Somewhere between Jan. 6-9, DNI James Clapper instructed Dir. Comey to tell Trump about the dossier. Trump was not yet sworn-in. Comey reports back, and Clapper then has a news story: that the President-elect has been apprised of the dossier. Then multiple news outlets, including CNN, that later hired Clapper, run with the story that a salacious dossier exists. Rush Limbaugh was all over the dossier story, and how the burrocracy leaked it out.

The set-up of Trump had been planned, and was executed before he was even sworn-in. And the Burrocrats have had to restart the whole R.F. collusion narrative from square zero, which, as I see it, was Dec 29, 2016. That is where we are again, because the Burrocrats still have nothing substantive to impeach Trump on. They are back to trying to impeach him on their big lie—R.F. collusion. One has to be very faithful in the burrocracy to still be a believer in their false narrative, after it has been exposed, bit by bit for almost three years now, as an array of set-ups, an overall fraud. We are supposed to still trust the burrocracy.

Do you not like my re-hash of this stuff? Think of it as good news. It means that the Burrocrats are again taking us to stuff that we’ve already gone through.

In the phony, Burrocratic Party narrative, all roads lead to Putin. In reality, however, all roads lead to the Burrocratic Party and the burrocracy.

Trump does what Trump does. The career, State Department Burrocrats that testified before the Schiff-run Intell Committee did not seem to understand Trump. It seems to me that they didn’t know how to work for someone that’s not a President Obama—a featherweight. They did not not know how to work for a heavyweight President. They said, Oh this guy is terrible. But they are clueless.

Putin does what Putin does. The burrocracy seems to not understand Putin. Maybe it’s because he’s not a Nikita Khrushchev or a Yuri Andropov. I think that they are trying to make him into a Yuri Andropov—someone that they did understand—a big bad Soviet.

If you gaze at a Picasso long enough, you can make a theoretical connection on any given issue, between Trump and any other G7 leader, or between Putin and any G7 leader, even if you don’t understand either of them. It’s a very small world, the G7 plus Putin. You can connect any three of the eight leaders by some theory, if you watch the View long enough. Burrocrats claim some theoretical collusion between Trump and Putin, but where is found evidence of it?

From Dir. Mueller? No. He reported no collusion, no crime. From witnesses called in the impeachment inquiry? No. That was from a different geologic era, when they were investigating Ukraine and a phone call. We’ve now progressed back even further—to R.F. collusion! The witnesses didn’t testify about R.F. collusion. Where are the Burrocrats getting their collusion narrative?

It’s not new. It’s the same old narrative that they pushed, starting on Dec. 29, 2016. And where did that come from? Did they get the idea from contemplating Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, while watching CNN? Was it from reading the Population Bomb by Dr. Paul Ehrlich, while listening to MSNBC? Maybe they discussed it in a class at Harvard or Yale Law. Who knows where they got it. From wherever it originated, one could say that a road leads to there. But one place that it did not originate was President Putin.

Who kicked R.F. diplomats out of the U.S. in the transition period, December of 2016? Putin? Burrocrats. Who sent FBI agents to spy on the Trump campaign? Putin? Burrocrats. Who produced the public report that the R.F. meddled in favor of Trump and against Clinton? Putin? The Burrocrat-run Intell burrocracy. Who failed to obtain the Burrocratic National Committee server after the alleged R.F. hack, and examine it forensically? Putin? The Comey-run FBI burrocracy. Who failed to give the same server to the FBI for examination? Putin? The Burrocratic National Committee. Who ordered the production of the Steele dossier? Putin? Burrocrats. Who sent Alexandra Chalupa to Ukraine to get dirt on Paul Manafort? Putin? The Burrocratic National Committee. Who went after Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi on process crimes? Putin? Burrocrat partisans on Dir. Mueller’s team. The list of Burrocratic Party offenses goes on and on. The more one investigates them, the more offenses one finds, but no roads leading to Putin. He might as well be orbiting Neptune. I don’t see his fingerprints on this.

The whole, odious, phony, Burrocratic R.F. collusion narrative has been demonstrated to be a series of on-ramps leading to the Burrocratic Party Freeway and their burrocracy, right here in Federal City. And I’m really glad that we’re back to square zero, because we’ve been here, done this.

It’s like a Christmas gift.

Copyright © 2019 Michael Kaarhus

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