Two More Reasons To Suspect the Democrats of DDoS
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Two More Reasons To Suspect the Democrats of DDoS

Michael Kaarhus
12:09 Monday, Oct. 31, AD 2016 GMT. – United States

In my previous piece I argued that the best explanation for the DDoS attacks against Dyn is that the Democrats in office are doing them through elements of a U.S. government agency or agencies, or department or departments.  Here I point out two more fundamental reasons why it would make sense if this were so.  These reasons make so much sense that I overlooked them.

You must first understand that one of the sites that the DDoS attackers take down is Twitter.  There are two reasons why it would help the Democrats to take down Twitter right now.

The first is that, these days, any successful movement to defeat an established regime is accomplished partly through Twitter.  It is with Twitter that the people communicate, organize, exchange ideas and can become effective enough to bring down a regime.  This is well-known to President Obama and Secretary Clinton.  They used Twitter, and helped anti-Mubarak people and organizations to use Twitter to bring down Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.  They bragged about how powerful Twitter can be.  Well, many Americans are peacefully, non-violently trying to defeat Obama, Clinton, and the Democratic political machine.  Some of these Americans are using Twitter to organize themselves.  So, it would be in the interests of the Obama-Clinton Democrats to squelch this peaceful American movement by taking down Twitter.

The second reason is that Donald J. Trump has depended extensively on Twitter to communicate his points and ideas to Americans.  So, whoever is taking down Twitter is taking down a significant element of Trump’s campaign.  Again, it is in the interests of the Democrats to do that.

The above is more circumstantial evidence that it makes sense to wonder if perhaps the Democrats in office, using elements of the U.S. government, are behind the DDoS attacks on the U.S.  In addition, I still argue, as before, that no one should be surprised if the Democrats blame these DDoS attacks on Russia.

Copyright © 2016. Michael Kaarhus

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