Democratic Elites Not Lifting a Finger To Help Refugees
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Democratic Elites Not Lifting a Finger To Help Refugees

Michael Kaarhus
22:41 Monday, Oct. 17, AD 2016 GMT. – United States

The Democrats that are, or want to be in charge of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government are lawyers.  They are people concerning whom Jesus said:

Woe to you lawyers also, because you load men with burdens which they cannot bear, and you yourselves touch not the packs with one of your fingers.  (from Luke 11:46)

So, what burdens have these Democratic elites imposed on others, and are not lifting a finger to touch?  There are many.  The one that I focus on here is called the Mediterranean refugee crisis.  President Obama and Secretary Clinton caused it by their Arab Spring; they fomented rebellions all around the southern and eastern Med, and left the resulting power vacuums for fascist militants to move into.  The result was a compleat humanitarian disaster, one that is tragically still transpiring.  And the Obama-Clinton Democrats have done less than nothing to alleviate it.

Instead, they have moved on from the refugee crisis to making an even bigger mess of world peace by being inimical toward Russia.  It is as if the devil were leading Obama and Clinton by their noses, from one destructive, catastrophic plan to another.  If they really cared about world peace, they would have done neither the Arab nor the Kiev Spring, and they would cultivate good relations with President Putin.  And if they really cared about the refugees, Obama and Clinton would have at least taken some refugee children into their mansions.  But they haven’t sheltered as much as one child.

The Clintons own two mansions and a house: one mansion in Chappaqua, as well as the house next door, and a mansion in Whitehaven, in DC.  They could turn their house and one of their mansions into refugee housing, and still live in luxury in the other mansion.  VP Joe Biden owns a mansion in Wilmington, Delaware.  He lives at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington.  He could turn his Delaware mansion into refugee housing, and still live in luxury.  President Obama owns a mansion in Chicago, in Hyde Park.  He never uses it.  He lives in the White House, and in all of places that he goes for vacations.  He could turn his Hyde Park mansion into refugee housing.  He hasn’t.  Secretary Kerry owns houses or mansions in Boston (Beacon Hill), Ketchum, Idaho, Nantucket, Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, and Georgetown.  He’s trying to sell the Nantucket mansion for $25 million.  Instead of selling it, he could turn it and other of his properties into refugee housing.

To his credit, Secretary Kerry is not directly responsible for the Mediterranean refugee crisis.  Obama and Clinton caused it before he took office.  Even so, why don’t these Democratic elites take in some refugees, to help alleviate the crisis that Obama and Clinton caused, and to be exemplars of how Democratic elites might help?

In my opinion, the simplest answer is that they are all lawyers, and they do what lawyers do: they impose heavy burdens on people—and what is heavier than being made a refugee?—but they do not lift a finger to lighten the load.  Instead, they mandate that the rest of the nation lighten the load, and take in refugees.  Well, the rest of the nation has done, and is still doing just that.  The U.S. is the most charitable nation—except for our Democratic elites—in the world.

The Democratic elites never themselves do what they insist or mandate that the nation as a whole must do.  Whether we are talking socialized health insurance, or housing refugees, the Democratic elites keep themselves above the vagaries of their own policies.  They and their cronies don’t have to get the socialized insurance that they mandate that everyone else obtain.  And they don’t lift a finger to help the refugees that they mandate that everyone else accept.  They are too good for their own policies.  And Mrs. Clinton is the biggest liar of them all.  She says that she always acts in accordance with the Methodist teaching to “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can” (from her DNC acceptance speech, and other places).  So, how much good is she personally doing for the refugees?

Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Not one refugee child has she personally taken in.  Yet, if anyone should be taking in refugees, it is the same Democratic elites that caused the refugee crisis in the first place; they fully deserve suffer its vagaries.  But those Democratic elites portray themselves as holy and pious and above any penance for their international sins and crimes.  If they did all that they personally could to house and care for refugee children, it would be the beginning of penance for them—penance that they richly deserve, and would be wise to do, because of their crimes against humanity.

Copyright © 2016. Michael Kaarhus

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