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What The Squad Is Doing

Michael Kaarhus
19:44:29 Sat Jul 20, AD 2019 GMT

Here I share my conjecture on what the Democratic $machine is using the Squad ¹ for.

I conjecture that the $machine is trying to move the center to the left. To do so, the $machine has the Squad propose programs and say things that are extreme, radical and outrageous. This causes a reaction, which the $machine hopes will include panic. A panicky reaction would move the center in the direction of the extreme proposals, leftward, as a compromise with them. The center can shift all the way to whacko, like it did in the U.S. in the 2008 elections. But the strategy is a success if it shifts the center only half way to whacko, or just a little ways towards whacko.

For instance, the Squad proposed the New Green Deal. They intentionally made it uber-left-wing socialist, and incomprehensibly expensive. They are trying to get us to panic: “Oh no! Green New Deal, a $93 trillion nation killer, and socialist to boot! Eeeeee! We had better propose a smaller Green Deal, so that the big one doesn’t happen!” The Squad intentionally votes to the left of Democratic Party leftism, and smears Democratic leaders as racist. We are supposed to panic: “Oh no, they are smearing Speaker Pelosi (D-CA-12)! Eeeeee! We had better start supporting Pelosi!” They want us to accept the argument that Pelosi-Biden-type leftism is good, because it is less far-flung than the Squad’s uber-leftism.

Prior to January of 2019, when the Squad started with this strategy, everyone on the right thought of Speaker Pelosi as the extreme, far left ideologue that she is. But now, in consideration of the Squad’s uber-left proposals and statements, some on the right are redefining Pelosi as a centrist. For instance, John Hirschauer at National Review:

Representative Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.) is the fourth member of “the squad,” that four-headed hydra of congressional freshmen rattling the cages of Nancy Pelosi and her centrist cohorts in the Democratic party. (Hirschauer)

Compared to the Squad, Pelosi is a centrist. But it is a mistake to let far-flung, uber-left proposals become part of the process of fixing the center. To illustrate how far out Democratic Party positions are, I give them distances from Earth.

The Squad’s proposals and statements are out at the distance of Deneb, a Milky Way star that is so far away, that astronomers don’t know its exact distance. says that Deneb is “thousands of light-years away.” The Squad’s proposals and statements are so far-fetched that I doubt that they enjoy much support from Democratic voters. The positions of Rep. Pelosi and Congressional Democrats, by comparison, are only out in the Asteroid Belt, 111,600,000 to 204,600,000 miles from Earth. Some on the right are now thinking of the Asteroid Belt as a centrist position. They like the Asteroid Belt. After all, it’s much less extreme than Deneb. But wait. Isn’t the Asteroid Belt still extreme, compared to good, down-to-Earth policies and proposals?

Yes! That’s what I am trying to illustrate. The outrageous acting of the Squad does not change the stubborn fact that Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats in Congress, and the Democratic candidates are extreme, far-left ideologues.

The distance to Deneb is not the measure by which to measure a centrist position on Earth. We need to toss it, not take it seriously. The Asteroid Belt is an extremist position that we need to take seriously; it’s not down-to-Earth, but it’s near enough to cause trouble. Pelosi-Biden-type Democrats would still be boozing it up at 30,000 feet in taxpayer-funded CODELS, if President Trump had not put the kibosh on it. They would gladly return us to the Obama nightmare if they had a chance, or maybe half a chance, a lot of dead and illegal voters, and a truckload of cell phones to give away.

As far as strategy goes, there is not one cubit of separation between Pelosi Democrats and Squad Democrats. They are not locked in a power struggle. They are all in on the same strategy: to normalize far-left positions and policies of non-Squad, Democratic office holders and seekers.

I think that Pelosi-Biden-type Democrats and Dem candidates love the Squad. It makes them look centrist. The so-called cat fight between the Squad and Pelosi is just an act. It’s staged.

The so-called cat fight benefits Dem candidates: VP Joe Biden, Sen. Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Harris (D-CA), Sen. Warren (D-MA), and Mayor Buttigieg (D-South Bend). Mayor Buttigieg is young and inexperienced. Few know much about his ideology. The other four are extreme, far-left ideologues. But, compared to the Squad, they look like centrists. They look like they have wisdom and fiscal sanity.

If my conjecture is correct, then an appropriate counter-strategy would be to focus on defeating non-Squad candidates. That’s because they are more difficult to defeat. If we can defeat Pelosi-Biden-type leftists, we can defeat uber-far-flung leftists. If all that one focuses on is defeating uber-far-flung leftists, one runs the risk of defeating only them, and of letting Pelosi-Biden-type leftists skate. We need to defeat a lot of Democrats, not only four, uber-far-flung ones.

Note 1: The Squad is four female U.S. Representatives: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar, (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley, (D-MA) and Rashida Tlaib, (D-MI). The people pictured below are innocent:

[The Mod Squad]
One of my favorite TV shows from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s

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