Russia and China Are Not My First Guesses
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Russia and China Are Not My First Guesses

Michael Kaarhus
23:59 Saturday, Oct. 22, AD 2016 GMT. – United States

Regarding the successful denial of service attacks against Dyn, the New York Times quoted Bruce Schneier, a security expert and blogger.  Schneier said that, over the past month, “someone had been probing the defenses of companies that run crucial pieces of the internet.”

These probes take the form of precisely calibrated attacks designed to determine exactly how well the companies can defend themselves, and what would be required to take them down ... We don’t know who is doing this, but it feels like a large nation-state. China and Russia would be my first guesses. (Schneier)

The feeling is echoed elsewhere that Russia or China were behind the DoS attacks.  I don’t think so.  The Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign are already accusing Russia of meddling with the U.S. election.  Doing a DoS attack against Dyn right now would be a really stupid thing on the part of any foreign power.  Putin is not stupid.  So, who is lawless enough to do this?

Here I argue that the best explanation for these DoS attacks is that the Democrats in office planned and executed them through U.S. government agencies.  With every investigation of the Democrats, we see that they are lawless.  Whether the investigator is Project Veritas, the Center for Medical Progress, wikileaks, Breitbart, or even the FBI, Democratic flouting of the law is discovered every time.  The Democrats in office are not above using the U.S. government’s cyber skills and resources to do a DoS attack against the U.S.  But why would they?

They would, precisely because they want a war against Russia, but they cannot just up and start one; they need an excuse.  This DoS attack against Dyn could be their excuse, or at least part of it—an excuse that the Democrats themselves planned and executed.  All that needs to be done now is to successfully blame it on Russia, and bingo, casus belli.  For that propaganda effort, the Democrats have their lap dog media: NBC CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, LAT, WaPo, and so on.  Such false flag attacks have often preceded war, as propagandized excuses to go to war.

For instance, The Nazis started World War II not by simply invading Poland, which is what they wanted, but by first staging false flag incidents just on the German side of the German-Polish border.  In the most notorious of these, the SS raided the Nazi radio station at Gleiwitz (now Gliwice).  All of these border incidents were Nazis raiding Nazis.  The Nazis spun them as Poles raiding Nazis, and these became the propaganda events that the Nazis needed for casus belli.  The next day, the Nazis invaded Poland, starting World War II.

Similarly, the Johnson Administration wanted to go to war against North Vietnam.  But they didn’t have sufficient cause.  So the U.S. claimed that, on Aug. 4, 1964, the North Vietnamese attacked a U.S. warship in the Gulf of Tonkin.  No such attack occurred.  But the report of it was used as justification to start a war with North Vietnam.  There actually was a skirmish at sea between NV torpedo boats, and the destroyer USS Maddox on Aug 2.  But nothing on Aug. 4.  The falsely claimed Aug. 4 attack is now infamously known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.  It led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which started the Vietnam war.

Clearly, the Democrats want a war with Russia.  Clearly, the Democrats are not above the lawlessness of a false flag attack against the U.S.  And clearly, the Democrats are not shy about starting wars in pursuit of their goals.  They started a rebellion against Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, against Gaddafi in Libya, and against President Viktor Yanukovych of the Ukraine.  They have been trying since 2011 to get rid of Bashar Assad in Syria, going even so far as to arm and aid enemies of the U.S. to do so.  I think that starting a war with Russia would, to Mr. Obama’s mind, and to Mrs. Clinton’s mind be a great accomplishment.  Basically, the Obama-Clinton foreign policy has been to foment rebellions and/or start wars against any foreign leader that they happen to dislike, and that they see as defeatable.  They definitely dislike President Putin in just that way; they want Putin gone.  And they are not above starting a war with Russia to try to cause him to go away.

The Democrat’s foreign policy has been criminal on a mass scale, causing the worst refugee crisis in memory.  It has caused more death and suffering than you can shake a shepherd’s crook at.  The reaction in the U.S. has been small, perhaps because neither the Arab nor the Kiev Spring have significantly affected the Western Hemisphere.  But a Moscow Spring would.  Russia would resist it, and counterattack; we would have a really ugly war—one that would degrade and damage the U.S.; we would feel it this time.  Obama-Clinton Democrats do not care about that, because they do not care about the U.S., or about peace.  They never have.  They care only about themselves, the Democratic Party, and their power and wealth.  So, how would a Moscow Spring benefit them?

It would benefit them by giving them an excuse to declare a national emergency of such gravity as to override the results of the November election, in case they lose that election in any significant way, despite all of the anti-Republican voter fraud.  By declaring an emergency, they might keep their political power, and pursue their desired war against Russia.  If they win the election, then probably they would declare no emergency, but still pursue their desired war against Russia.  Either way, what would win is war.  Again, the Democrats want a destructive, miserable, expensive, deadly, stupid and needless war with Russia.  I have said it before: it is as if the devil is leading the Democrats by their noses, from one evil, destructive plan to another.

Remember, it was only on President Obama’s watch that the U.S. suddenly defined Russia as an enemy.  Before the Obama Administration, the U.S. Government saw post-Soviet Russia as a friend and ally.  Any U.S. war against Russia would be Obama’s war, Clinton’s war, and the Democratic Party’s war, not America’s war.  The Democrats would drag the entire nation into a big war, partly because they are such babies and whiners that they cannot get along with the rest of the free world, only with the fascists, communists and warmongers of the world: birds of a feather flock together.

Personally, I suspect that the Democrats also have resented the fall of the Soviet Union ever since 1991.  That fall was celebrated by freedom-loving people all around the world; but that is not who the Democrats are.  The Democrats are people that hate and oppose the right, and everything that the right accomplishes.  The Democrats also try to implement everything that the right opposes.  That is who they are.  The fall of the Soviet Union, and the ensuing freedoms of the Russian people, were accomplished by the right, with a lot of divine Assistance.  For that reason alone, the Democrats hate the fall of the Soviet Union.  They hate also such liberties as the Russian people now enjoy.  By sticking so stubbornly, so mindlessly and so childishly to their anti-right ideology, the Democrats have literally aligned with the devil.

Copyright © 2016. Michael Kaarhus

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