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White Collar Terrorists

Michael Kaarhus
05:42 Wednesday, Aug. 21, AD 2019 GMT

White Collar Terrorism is a President Bush 43-era, DoJ term that one seldom hears anymore. Back in those days, the term applied to white collar types that helped facilitate or finance terrorism. With the Obama Administration, white collar terrorism moved up in the U.S. Many would agree with me that President Obama himself was a white collar terrorist. President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Sect’y. Clinton and the gang did not personally shoot, crucify, saw off the heads of, or raze the towns of Middle Eastern and North African Christians. But, as John Sobieski reminds us, they facilitated ISIS and empowered Iran and Hezbollah. They de-stabilized North Africa and the Middle East, making refugees of millennia-old Christian congregations there. They tried to take the U.S. — a Christian nation — down and out of her leadership role in the world, except for leading the world in trying to take out the Russian Federation. They decremented and hamstrung our military, and tried to socialize our economy. They did more damage to America, and to Christianity, than any gang of terrorists with AK-47’s and tanks could have.

Here I argue that the front-runner Democratic candidates for President, VP Biden, Sen. Warren and Sen. Sanders, are also white collar terrorists. All of them want to again take up the pro-terrorist, Obama-Jarrett agenda. It has been in mothballs since 2016, when Mr. Trump, the GOP and We the People defeated it.

The Dem front-runners vary with one another only in the extent to which they think that they can multiply the white collar terrorism of Obama and Jarrett. It seems to me that VP Biden would be a 1:1 white collar terrorist. He would pick up where Obama and Jarrett left off, try to empower our enemies, and destroy our Constitution, to the same extent that Obama and Jarrett did. Biden marks the Obama-Jarrett-established, anti-U.S., anti-Christian and low standard, above which Democratic candidates for President cannot rise, if they wish to be someone in today’s Democratic Party $machine. If a Dem candidate tries to be less anti-U.S., or less anti-Christian than Obama, he or she has no hope of getting anywhere in the Democratic organization.

The Dem $machine, which includes Dem-run media, insists that everything that President Trump accomplishes is misguided and evil, and that We the People need to set America back on the same, easy path to destruction that Obama and Jarrett put us on, except that they want the downgrade to be steeper. Obama is their minimum low in darkness masquerading as light, down masquerading as up, and evil masquerading as good (cf. Isaiah 5:20). The Dem $machine wonders, how fast will We the People let them accelerate us toward the Gates of Hell? How much lower than the Obama low will we let them take us? To the $machine, Obama was a piker. He didn’t take us low enough. In particular, he failed to destroy the Russian Federation.

The Dem $machine is still eager to gain control of the U.S. Military, and use it to take out the Russian Federation. That’s what they were up to, just before Trump and We the People defeated them. They’ve got Russian Federation derangement syndrome. They want to make it so that, if you didn’t also have the same, you would be a traitor. If you liked the Russian Federation, or did business with it, you would be a colluder against the U.S., and they could try you as a spy.

I conjecture that the devil hates the Russian Federation for stealing his brainchild, the Soviet Union, and making a Christian nation of it. I think that the devil wants the Russian Federation annhiliated for that. I think that, ever since the Obama Presidency, the devil has caused the Democratic Party to be obsessed with the idea of trying to destroy the Russian Federation. CNN does not talk about that obsession. Neither do the Dem candidates. But it has not changed one iota.

Senators Warren and Sanders are also at least 1:1 white collar terrorists. Maybe they are 2:1 or 3:1. I don’t know for sure. Frankly, I find them uninteresting. I haven’t learnt much about them. All leftist manifestos are boring to me. They’re blasé. I would rather pull cheat grass than read Saul Alinski. But the Democratic $machine is destructively anti-Christian on a global scale, when empowered. So I force myself to learn a little about it.

Furthermore, I don’t care how much anyone bashes foreign, Christian nations for trying to influence U.S. elections. Every Christian nation on Earth has a legitimate interest in the outcome of U.S. elections. That’s because our Democratic Party’s anti-Christian efforts are not confined just to the U.S. When empowered, their efforts are global. When empowered, they make Christians everywhere suffer, if they can. If, in 2015, the Russian Federation had been no stronger than Egypt or Syria, it would not exist today. The Obama Administration would have arranged a Moscow Spring against it, just like they arranged the Arab Spring that made refugees of Christian congregations in North Africa and Syria.

The Democrat $machine is anti-Christian. I know. President Obama said, “I’m a Christian”. He went to Christian breakfasts. Sect’y. Clinton said that she was a Methodist, and that she believed in “Do all the good that you can ... wheresoe’er you can”. It was all optics and words. Their works were anti-Christian. Works are what matter.

The Democratic front-runners are also anti-Christian. It’s not about how many Bibles one can carry, how many verses one can recite, what one calls oneself, or how pious one acts. It’s about what one does. All of the Dem front-runners want to do the anti-Christian works that Obama did, and more, which makes them just as anti-Christian as he was.

Since Mr. Biden is nominally Catholic, I wish to make clear that Roman Catholicism does not make him anti-Christian. He does that to himself. Neither does Methodism make Sect’y. Clinton anti-Christian. Neither does any really Christian denomination make Mr. Obama anti-Christian. They do that to themselves. It’s not about religion. It’s about individuals, and their freely-made, bad decisions. What doctrines did they give their minds and hearts over to? What did they decide is more important to them than the Blessed Trinity, the Kingdom of God, and the Church? I am not making a statement against Christian religions here, but against evils that some individuals that affiliate with Christian religions for optical purposes, entangle themselves in.

Similarly, I am not arguing that, because it’s a Christian nation, there is no evil in the Russian Federation. There are evil Russians that call themselves Russian Orthodox, just like there are evil Americans that call themselves Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, etc. But where there is Christianity there is Christ. And where there is Christ, there are grace and truth for people that the devil hates, opposes and wants to annhiliate. That is the case with the Russian Federation, and with the U.S. It is the case with any Christian nation. We need not fall for evil done in the good name of Christian religion. But neither do we need to destroy Christian nations, just because of our imperfections and evils. On the contrary, Jesus works with the faithful through such things. He, not the annhiliation of Christianity, is the way forward for the world, just as He always has been, and always will be.

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