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Twin Prime Quads Family II (PDF)
Apr 1, 2013

A Family of Twin Prime Quads (PDF)
Mar 20, 2013

A New Type of Twin Prime (PDF)
Nov 11, 2013

Errors in Defining Prime (PDF)
Mar 6, 2013

pri Index (this page)
June 1, 2020

On the Products of Twin Primes (PDF)
Feb 15, 2013

Twin Prime Conjectures 1, 2 and 3 (PDF)
Feb 2013

Ghost Prime List from Conjectures (TEXT)
Feb 2013

A Primer on Modulo Arithmetic (HTML)
Feb 15, 2013

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Zipped Prime Number Files

The first 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

The second 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

The third 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

The fourth 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

The fifth 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

The sixth 1,000,000 primes (ZIP)

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