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updated May 27, 2020

[rosary]A very defective prohibition
Oct 7, 2011

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updated irregularly

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updated Nov, 2019

[holy Face]Current DHS NTAS Alert
updated Jan, 2020

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[holy Face]Memorize the Gloria and Canticle
Sep 2018

[holy Face]Mike’s Event Clock
Corrected May 30, 2020

[holy Face]Mike’s Planned ‘Hood Page
Updated May 2020

[holy Face]main Index (this page)
updated July 24, 2020

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updated June 1, 2020

[holy Face]Older Links to Other Sites
updated irregularly

[holy Face]Release Notes for my copy of The U.S. Constitution. Nov. 1, 2010

[St. Lumena]Saint Lumena, virgin and martyr
Aug 11, 2010

[holy Face]Sitemap
updated July 24, 2020

[Sacred Heart]The Sacred Heart of Jesus
updated irregularly

[Hamilton]The U.S. Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights on one page

[holy Face]The U.S. Constitution sent to Taft-Greenwich. Full res pictures of front and back of top

[Bl. Mother]Thirty-Six Medjugorje Messages. Updated when Our Lady gives a Message for the world

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