General Flynn’s Progress
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Lt. Gen. Flynn’s Progress
Mar 7, 2023: Tracy Beanz via Lars Larson: Did the US government use the DOJ to maliciously attack Gen Michael Flynn?
Jul 1, 2020: Sebastian Gorka: Sebastian discusses the latest on General Michael Flynn's case with Gregg Jarrett, then talks about the bogus "Russian bounty" story with James Rosen
Jun 24, 2020: Mark Levin: Gen Michael Flynn Calls Into The Mark Levin Show
Jun 10, 2020: John Batchelor: Emmet Sullivan tasks Friends of the Resistance in order to charge Michael Flynn with an entirely new crime, perjury. @AndrewCMcCarthy @NRO @ThadMcCotter @theamgreatness
May 29, 2020: John Batchelor: The Flynn−Kislyak call transcripts are routine, brief, and without the word “sanctions.” @DevinNunes
Apr 9, 2019: Hannity: Sara Carter: "Lieutenant General Flynn is the big mystery here. The answers are going to come forward"
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