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President Trump’s Lucky Numbers

Michael Kaarhus
06:38 Wednesday, Aug. 30, AD 2023 GMT

“And as he was saying these things to them, the Pharisees and the lawyers began violently to urge him, and to oppress his mouth about many things,
Lying in wait for him, and seeking to catch something from his mouth, that they might accuse him.” – Luke 11: 53-54 DRB

People are abuzz about Pres. Trump’s mugshot. It’s not the only one. All 19 accused got a mugshot, including Stephen Lee, pastor of Living Word Lutheran Church near Chicago.

Pastor Stephen
Pastor Stephen

Maybe the collection baskets at Living Word were fuller than usual last Sunday. Maybe attendance was up, too. Who knows?

None of the defendants are guilty of any of the counts against them. But there are plenty of real criminals that the prosecutors are not indicting. So, in my opinion, the more mugshots of the defendants that people post, the greater the chances that the insidious lawfare attacks against them will be dismissed and/or defeated. But this article is about numbers, not mugshots.

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani

MSM are saying that we can now refer to Pres. Trump by what they call his “prisoner number”.

It is actually called the SO number. SO might mean Sheriff’s Office, but I’m not sure.

MSM moguls want viewers to think that Pres. Trump has been successfully libeled and smeared as a criminal. So MSM newsbabes and panel members are triumphantly trumpeting Pres. Trump’s SO number. But the efforts to smear and libel Pres. Trump were either not successful or marginally successful at best; MSM are putting on an act. Here I argue that Pres. Trump was exceedingly lucky to get the numbers that the FC Sheriff’s Office assigned him.

SO numbers all begin P0. The 0 is a zero, and is followed by digits only. Such numbers are certainly neither base 10 nor octal, but could be base 26 or higher. So here I treat SO numbers as base 26, and convert them to decimal. That conversion can be done at this nifty page.

Maybe the FC Sheriff’s Office thinks of their SO numbers as base 10 with P0 prefixed. You can make a number that starts P0, but you can’t correctly call it base 10. If a number starts with P and the rest is digits, it’s base 26 or higher. There is no debating that, as far as I am concerned.

If you want to look up any of these defendants’ arrest records at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office webform, you have to enter either their name or booking number. So here I also check the booking numbers.

Name               Booking #  Prime?
SO #    Converted to decimal
Cheeley, Robert      2313856  No
P01135828      5220998875828  No

Chesebro, Kenneth    2313726  No
P01135766      5220998875254  No

Clark, Jeffrey       2313851  Yes
P01135824      5220998875824  No

Eastman, John        2313659  Yes
P01135735      5220998875175  No

Ellis, Jenna         2313760  No
P01135781      5220998875301  No

Floyd, Harrison      2313818  No
P01135804      5220998875772  No

Giuliani, Rudy       2313757  No
P01135780      5220998875300  No

Hall, Scott          2313655  No
P01135732      5220998875172  No

Hayes, Emily Misty   2313854  No
P01135826      5220998875826  No

Kutti, Trevian       2313863  No
P01135832      5220998875848  No

Latham, Cathleen     2313722  No
P01135764      5220998875252  No

Lee, Stephen         2313866  No
P01135835      5220998875851  No

Meadows, Mark        2313817  No
P01135803      5220998875771  No

Powell, Sidney       2313755  No
P01135778      5220998875282  No

Pres. Trump, Donald  2313827  Yes
P01135809      5220998875777  Yes

Roman, Michael       2313848  No
P01135821      5220998875821  No

Shafer, David        2313721  No
P01135763      5220998875251  No

Smith, Ray           2313725  No
P01135765      5220998875253  No

Still, Shawn         2313850  No
P01135823      5220998875823  No

Of the above 38 numbers, only 4 are prime. And Pres. Trump was assigned 2 of them!

That in itself is lucky. Let’s consider the booking number.

What are the chances that a random number among the 1,000,000 numbers from 2,000,000 to 2,999,999 would be prime?

I wrote a script that counts all the primes from 2,000,000 to 2,999,999, and calculates what percent of that domain is prime. My script compares that percent to the theoretical result for the density of primes at x. Here is the output:

2,313,827 is the 170449th prime.
By a rote count, there are
67883 primes from 2000000 to 2999999
67883 / 1000000 = 0.067883
6.7883% of the numbers from 2000000 to 2999999 are prime.
That is known as the density of primes in that domain.
According to the Asymptotic law of the Distribution of Prime Numbers,
the density of primes at 2,313,827 is approx.
1 / ln(2313827) = 0.068239
That is 6.8239%. My rote method got 6.7883%

Pres. Trump had about 6.8 chances in 100 of being assigned a prime booking number. In terms more familiar to people that bet, his odds of getting a prime booking number were

100 / 6.8 ≈ 14.71
1 to 14.71

He beat those odds. Jeffrey Clark and John Eastman also beat those odds.

I extended my script to make the same calcs for the SO number converted from base 26 to decimal. I set it to do highly accurate (20 iterations for each number tested) probabilistic primality tests of the 1,000,000 numbers from 5,220,998,000,000 to 5,220,998,999,999. Here is the output:

5220998875777 is prime.
By a rote count, there are
34432 primes from 5220998000000 to 5220998999999
34432 / 1000000 = 0.034432
3.4432% of the numbers from 5220998000000 to 5220998999999 are prime.
That is known as the density of primes in that domain.
According to the Asymptotic law of the Distribution of Prime Numbers,
the density of primes at 5220998875777 is approx.
1 / ln(5220998875777) = 0.034149
That is 3.4149%. My rote method got 3.4432%
We are done.

Pres. Trump had about 3.4 chances in 100 of being assigned an SO number that’s prime when converted. In terms more familiar to people that bet, his odds of getting an SO number that’s prime when converted were

100 / 3.4 ≈ 29.41
1 to 29.41

He beat those odds, too!

What are the chances that Pres. Trump would be assigned a prime booking number and an SO number that’s prime when converted?

Floyd Harrison
Floyd Harrison

Here’s how I reckon it:

Pres. Trump would first have to be assigned a prime booking number. He had a 6.8% chance of that. If that didn’t happen, then he would have had 0% chance of both numbers being prime. But that did happen, and he used up 93.2% of his chances in the process. Like all the defendants, Trump would be assigned a second number. However, toward the goal of both numbers being prime, the defendants had only a 6.8% chance that they would need to check the second one for primality. So, their chances of getting to the point where it would make sense to check the second number started at 6.8%, not 100%. Pres. Trump got to that point. He therefore had a 3.4% of 6.8% chance that both numbers would be prime.

6.8% * 0.034 = 0.2312%

I checked that result at, and found that my reckoning was correct.

Pres. Trump had less than a ¼ of 1% chance that both numbers would be prime. What are the odds of that?

100 / 0.2312 ≈ 432.53
1 to 432.53

If you think those are good odds, don’t give me any suggestions for which pony to bet on.

And if Pres. Trump happens to win the Presidency in 2024, and you think the odds against it were too large, just remember, the man is lucky!

President Trump
President Trump

I want all the prosecutions of Pres. Trump and of his associates to fail. I want all the counts of all the indictments dismissed as the multiple instances of election interference and political lawfare that they are. All the prosecutors that are prosecuting Pres. Trump and his associates are abusing their authority by prosecuting non-guilty individuals for purely political ends, while letting murderers, thieves and the like run loose. They are irresponsible, political hacks, unworthy of holding an office of public trust. We have increasing crime and injustice in high places with prosecutors like that. So they are also unworthy to practice law. I want them all impeached and disbarred.

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