Actually, 60606 is 666
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Actually, 60606 is 666
I Don’t Care What They Say

Michael Kaarhus
00:51 Thursday, June 8, AD 2023 GMT
Edited 02:14 July 3, AD 2023 GMT

This article is for those of us that look for 666 popping up in different forms.

I found the number 60606 in the output of a script that I wrote. It jogged my memory. I had seen that number a long, long time ago: Mar. 26, 2020.

At that time, 60606 was seen in a WIPO[1] patent application number for a novel Microsoft device. Users of that device allow certain body responses to be monitored by sensors, and if the responses meet criteria, the device automatically mines bitcoin and credits it to the user’s account.

The patent description talks about external sensors, and does not mention implants, but also does not prohibit or exclude implants. And the title of WIPO’s article announcing this patent application is: WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA

It’s a way of banking through what could become a worldwide electronic system, and through what could be implants. Also, there are three sixes in the patent application number. Some of us believers in The Apocalypse of St. John the Evangelist therefore suspected that this technology is part of the fulfillment of Apoc. 13: 16-18, regarding buying and selling, and the mark and number of the beast. The usual fact checkers then went to work to debunk the suspicions.

Snopes, for instance, said the claims are “Mostly False”, and under “What’s False” wrote: “The number WO2020060606A1 contains three "6's" but is obviously not the same as "666."”

At first it seems that Snopes is right. However, the official WIPO publication number is WO/2020/060606. It is patent application number 60606 for the year 2020. And so the 60606 in the publication number means something by itself. But of course, 60606 ≠ 666, right?

Right, unless you check what I checked: changes of base involving 666. That’s what this article is for. There are two types of base change conversions.

The first is to leave 666 in base 10, and convert it to other bases. My first script here does that.

The second is to assign different bases to 666, and convert those to decimal numbers. My second script here does that. Using it, we find that 666 in a different base = 60606 in decimal.

First Script: Decimal to Different Base Converter[Menu]

After you agree to the Warning, enter a decimal_number and hit Run it. The script will display decimal_number in the first 35 bases.

Hitting decimal_number ++ zeros any number you may have entered, and increments decimal_number to a maximum of Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER, which is 253−1.

Hitting decimal_number -- zeros any number you may have entered, and decrements decimal_number to a minimum of 0.

My old machine has no problem running this script with decimal_number = 9,007,199,254,740,991, which is Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER. However, people might edit the code to increase it past that. In that case, there could be problems. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution,

Use at your own risk! Michael Kaarhus will not be held liable for any crash, damage or loss, that may result from running this script.

Thanks to phasing17 for his contribution at geeks for geeks for part of the algorithm used here.

Now we return to the international, 2020 patent number, 60606. It’s obviously not 666 in base 10. However,

666 in base 100 = 60606 in base 10:
6*100^2 + 6*100 + 6 = 60606.

Numbers that are the base 10 value of 666 in bases of the form 10^n, where n = 1, 2, 3... are infinitely many.[2] All of them start and end with a 6, have a middle 6 and have n−1 zeros between each 6:

666(100000) 60000600006(10)

So it is accurate to say that
60606(10) ≠ 666(10). However, it is also accurate to say that
60606(10) = 666(100). And as I interpret Apoc. 13:18, we don’t know what the base of 666 is, except that it is ≥ 7.

Second Script: Different Base to Decimal Converter[Menu]

This script converts num_15_digit_max, in bases from starting_base to ending_base, to decimal numbers.

num_15_digit_max must be positive, and made of characters 0-9, a-z, A-Z only.

The script also stops if the decimal conversion > Number.max_safe_integer. Some 15-digit numbers are already larger than that, and if entered, will not be converted. Here are examples of numbers that will be converted:

The ten-digit ZZZZZZZZZZ, the eleven-digit 2GOSA7PA2GV and fifteen-digit numbers in small bases, for instance, 100000000000000 to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The script removes non-alphanumerics and initial zeros from num_15_digit_max.

ending_base must be ≥ starting_base.

starting_base can be no smaller than 1 + the largest digit in num_15_digit_max. For instance, if num_15_digit_max is A6, starting_base can be no smaller than 11.

To let the script find and start with the smallest admissible starting_base, enter 1 in the starting_base box.

To make ending_base = 10006, enter 1 in the ending_base box.

Both starting_base and ending_base must be entered as base 10 numbers.

My old machine has no problem running this script at the settings that maximize the number of results: num_15_digit_max = 1111, ending_base = 10006, starting_base = 2. This script has not caused my browser to crash. However, some might edit the code to increase upper_limit. In that case, it could cause the browser tab or window to crash. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution,

Use at your own risk! Michael Kaarhus will not be held liable for any crash, damage or loss, that may result from running this script.
 I recommend that this script be run when no important tasks are being done in other browser tabs or windows. 

Here’s another example of 666 in a different base, that, if converted to decimal, becomes a number that we see, that does not seem to be 666: On March 15, 2022, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously to pass Sen. Lindsey Graham’s S.Res.546 “... condemning the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin, members of the Russian Security Council, the Russian Armed Forces, and Russian military commanders for committing atrocities, including alleged war crimes, against the people of Ukraine and others”.

In light of this Verse,

“For God sent not his Son into the world, to judge the world, but that the world may be saved by him” (John 3:17),

the Senate’s judgment and condemnation of an entire nation begs commentary and questioning. And it becomes more interesting when we realize that 666(9) = 546(10).

Of course, there usually is an S.Res.546 in each Congress; some Resolution or another would have been assigned 546. So some will say my finding is insignificant. It seems to me, however, that the 117th Congress’ S.Res.546 is particularly misanthropic, and its number, 666 in base 9, fits it rather well.

The 666 of Apoc. 13:18 in the Robertus Stephanus Greek also has no digits larger than 6: χξς. χ is Greek for 600. ξ is Greek for 60. ς is Greek for 6. Those are summed. So again, we know for sure that 666 is base 7 or higher.

Some may reason that first century Greek numbers, using the the alphabetical or learned system, were in effect base 10 numbers. Therefore, the 666 of Apoc. 13:18 has to be a base 10 number. However, Apoc. 13:18 is prophecy. It does not refer to a first century number, but to one that would appear in the future—in these days—when men would make numbers in many different bases. So I maintain that we do not know its base for sure, except that it is ≥ 7.

When we let the 666 of Apoc. 13:18 acquire bases 7, 8, 9, 10..., and convert those to base 10 numbers, we get a strictly increasing, infinite sequence.

I searched and found that sequence at the OEIS. It is A121205 "666" in bases 7 and higher rewritten in base 10, by Axel Harvey (2006).


1. The The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is “the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation ... a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 193 member states” (from the WIPO website). [return link]

2. This is incidental, but some base 10 conversions of 666 from other bases have a factor of 666. For instance,

666(100)    = 666 * 91(10)
666(121)    = 666 * 133(10)
666(211)    = 666 * 403(10)
666(232)    = 666 * 487(10)
666(10000)  = 666 * 900991(10)
666(100000) = 666 * 90090991(10)
[return link]

Copyright © 2023 Michael Kaarhus

Page last modified on Wednesday, 02-Aug-2023 06:16:59 PDT
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