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What’s Next?

Michael Kaarhus
06:33 Wednesday, Apr. 15, AD 2020 GMT

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

If there were no evil, CV-19-related plots afoot, I would agree with the conventional conservative wisdom: we need to quit worrying about coronavirus and get back to pre-crisis life in the U.S. But I do not quite sign on with that opinion. I suspect that the evil people that hatched the present crisis are not yet done; their attack against us is not yet complete. Or, more to the point, we have collectively reacted to CV-19 by panicking. And unless or until we stop panicking, the crisis is not over; the more we panic, the more we will be exploited and destroyed by evil people.

If the Trump Administration were to return the nation to our pre-crisis state before Americans understood who the evil players are, and that we would be wise to not follow them, then another crisis would ensue; people would insist on being lemmings and following evil ones. That reaction would play right into the hands of evil ones, and they would precipitate a second crisis. Media sharks would say that Trump is an idiot, because he relaxed the precautions and disciplines when he needed to keep them in place, and he is to blame for additional deaths, yada-yada.

“What are you talking about, Mike? How could such a thing happen?”

Maybe you need to look into how the present crisis happened, and what its nature is. I highly recommend the April 6, 2020, Brian Rose - David Icke interview at

I agree with Icke that it’s an almost entirely fabricated crisis. The stats are manipulated to classify almost all deaths as CV-related. The test that they are using, the RT-PCR test, does not detect specifically the CV-19 virus. It detects exosomes, which cells secrete when traumatized by any number of causes, including infection. Kary Mullis developed the RT-PCR test in the 1980’s, and warned the medical profession not to use it to diagnose infectious disease. Today they are using it for just that, and the results are amplifiable. Also, none of the usual protocols for isolating a viral agent were followed.

I cite Icke in my introduction, in order to make the simple observation that nothing about this crisis has gone according to Hoyle. Here I think about what’s coming next. And I argue that it won’t go according to Hoyle, either, unless the light of truth is shined on the Major League asses involved. The people have to understand what is happening and who is behind it.

For instance, as soon as the world believed that a viral pandemic had broken out, the big cry, the big complaint from Modernist media was that there were not enough test kits. We need more test kits five days ago. More-more-more! And what happened?

The People’s Republic of China graciously supplied us with more test kits, as if they did not need them. Hooray for the PRC! Just one little problem: the PRC-supplied test kits were contaminated with coronavirus. Intentionally.

Then it was face masks. Gotta have more face masks. More-more-more! And again, the PRC graciously supplied us with more masks, as if they didn’t need them. But some of the masks were used. Some had been trodden underfoot before packaging and shipping to the U.S. And the lesson here is?

In your panic, no matter how troubling, do not turn to the PRC for salvation. You will get the opposite. The PRC government is one of the Major League asses. That would not be a big problem of itself, if we in the West were united for ourselves. Sadly, many in the West, particularly in the so-called Democratic Party, are huge fans of the Chinese Communist Party. They emulate it. They want it to run the world. The CCP can do no evil in their view; the CCP is the light of the world, the way, the truth and the life. THAT is a problem, because that is a politically powerful error in American politics that divides America against itself to a significant degree.

Inasmuch as we have a powerful political party believing that our enemy is our friend, and that we are evil ones, we are divided against ourselves. We are in an intra-national, political fight over who will set policy in the U.S.: the CCP or American patriots. All idiot Westerners that adore the CCP are really acting against the interests, maybe against the very existence of their own nations or states. And inasmuch as Americans do as these idiots say, we are lemmings; we are panicking like a herd, and are being led exactly where the CCP wants us to go. So, it’s not just the CCP that we cannot trust. It’s also the idiots here in America that idolize the CCP, and divide us.

For instance, it’s the WHO, and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation is the biggest funder of the WHO, besides We the People, the U.S. taxpayers. The Gates Foundation also provides 20% of GAVI’s funds.

“Well that’s nice, Mike. Bill Gates is philanthropic. Isn’t he wonderful?”

No. Did you know, for instance, that the Gates Foundation simulated Event 201 before the present, phony crisis began? Did you know that more children in Africa die from the oral polio vaccine than from polio? Did you know that, according to Alex Jones, typical vaccines decrease the effectiveness of one’s immune system by 50%?, and that no flu vaccine has ever successfully targeted the next season’s flu virus? Did you know that one of GAVI and WHO’s projects was to sterilize Nigerian women by giving them a tetanus vaccine laced with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)? And what is the latest thing that the experts are saying that we absolutely need, five weeks ago?

A coronavirus vaccine.

Um, and who would produce the vaccine?

“That doesn’t matter. We need a vaccine now-now-now. Just get the vaccine! That’s all that you need to know, you dummie!”

Um, and how dumb are we? Maybe we’re pretty dumb. We keep panicking, and in our panic, we keep running along the path that Modernists say that we should run on, as fast as possible, like lemmings. Where does it lead?

We don’t know. We just trust that Modernists care about us. After all, we are panicked! So here’s the pattern: whatever is the latest crisis that we are all supposed to panic about is the next step in the evil plot against us. And the next panic is over the need for a vaccine: “Gotta get everyone vaccinated before we can return to pre-crisis life! Gotta do it now!”

Did the Gates foundation fund the development of the vaccine?

“Doesn’t matter, Mike. It’s an emergency!”

Will this be a WHO-GAVI project?

“Doesn’t matter! Gotta do it!”

And what will be in the vaccine?

“The cure for CV-19, you idiot. What do you think?”

I think that the CV-19 vaccine is the next evil coming down the pike. Think about it: what has been a solution in this crisis that was supposed to be a solution? What has actually gone the way that we were told it would? Almost nothing. Everything that was supposed to help has hurt, including shutting everything down. So why would the grand opening of the CV-19 vaccine—the IPO if you will—be any different?

If we are going to trust the Gates Foundation, the WHO and GAVI to develop and manufacture the vaccine, then I think that it would be the next thing that would go wrong—the next evil. Maybe the vaccine would contain the active CV-19 virus. Maybe it would contain something to sterilize people. Maybe it would contain whatever antibodies Bill Gates decides it should contain. And who determines what Bill Gates decides, the CCP? Who knows?

In short, the vaccine is the next shoe to drop; it has not dropped yet. This is why the Trump Admin. still needs to exercise a load of caution at this juncture. It would, in my opinion, be fine to return to pre-crisis life any time now, as long as everyone does not get a Gates-funded, GAVI-manufactured, CV-19 vaccine. However, if the return to pre-crisis life includes everyone getting a Gates-funded, GAVI-manufactured, CV-19 vaccine, then no, it would be better to keep all the novel precautions in place—social distancing, extra cleaning, shutdowns, etc. That’s because, if things go the way that they have gone so far, then the vaccine would be the next crisis, and governments would shut everything down again. Democrats and Modernists would blame Trump for idiotically returning us to pre-crisis life, when the crisis was not over.

I think that the best way forward at this point is to break the lemming habit, wherein we do whatever Gates-funded, so-called health professionals say, and wherein we follow idiots that want the CCP to rule the world. We need to just say No! to their vaccine, and to their ambitions. We need to return to pre-crisis life, but we need to do so without anyone getting the WHO-GATES-GAVI vaccine. If we are going to be so stupid as to continue to be lemmings, doing whatever Bill Gates and the CCP want, then we might as well not return to pre-crisis life, because we would be running panicked off the edge of another cliff that Modernists are telling us is a safe space; we would be headed straight toward another crisis of similar magnitude.

Every nation needs to thoroughly vet and test any proposed CV-19 vaccine. And the vetting and testing needs to be done by multiple, non-Gates-Foundation-dependent, private sector labs. The vetting and testing needs to be transparent and verifiable by the public. That’s because the public would suffer if the vaccine is really a kill shot. The Republic would also suffer. That, in my opinion, is exactly the outcome that the evil people behind this crisis want.

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