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Why the Limbaugh Theorem Is True,
And Why Its Inverse Is True

Michael Kaarhus
22:56 Wednesday, Dec. 1, AD 2021 GMT

On Monday, Nov. 29, Dan Bongino talked about a leftist narrative that seemed novel at first: that the inflation that everyone is seeing and experiencing is caused by, “corporate greed”.

For instance, Sen. Warren (D-Mass) wants us to think that big oil is gouging us. She’s complaining about high gas prices, as if she had nothing to do with their increase. However, Sen. Warren voted for the $1.2 trillion H.R.3684: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and for the motion to wave all budgetary discipline. Warren wants us to think that big oil, not her voting for big deficit spending and against budgetary discipline, causes inflation. The Limbaugh Theorem, which we will get to, predicts just such behavior. First, let’s look at the real cause of inflation.

Bongino said that Milton Friedman had inflation figured out a long time ago: Inflation is not always a monetary phenomenon, but in this case it is: when the FED prints and sells bonds to pay for all the government’s deficit spending, that increases the money supply. And, unless there is a commensurate increase in productivity, there are many more dollars chasing the same or a smaller amount of goods and services. That causes inflation.

Bongino referenced an AIER (the American Institute for Economic Research) piece that said that in 2020, we went into the deficit hole by almost $4 trillion, the largest expansion of debt in U.S. history. Then came 2021 and even more $trillions in the hole. The increase in the money supply has been unprecedented. And productivity has fallen by 4.2%, according to the AP, the largest decline in nearly forty years (enable and watch the last 7.7 minutes of the video below).

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Senators and Congressmen that vote for $trillion dollar bills and incentivize people to be unproductive cause inflation. Now back to Limbaugh:

When the braindrain media or the academy blames inflation on anything besides deficit spending and falling productivity, they are trying to deflect blame away from the Democratic Party leadership. They are saying, in essence, “It’s not their fault!” That is a variation of the motto of the Limbaugh Theorem: “It’s not my fault!”

The Limbaugh Theorem states that, whenever a prominent liberal candidate or office holder does something—either intentionally or by mistake—deleterious to the nation, he makes arguments to this effect, “It’s not my fault!” He blames something or someone else, pretending to be completely aloof from the problem, even angry about his own policy. During the 2016 Dem primaries, Limbaugh noted that, in candidates Sen. Sanders and Sect’y. Clinton, the Limbaugh Theorem proved true:

... It was the Limbaugh Theorem on parade like never before. Both of these people, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stood up there, and Fox carried both of them – this was kind of sad, I have to tell you. ...

But the Limbaugh Theorem, here are these two people who have made the last seven years possible. They are the architects, along with Barack Hussein Obama, they have voted for every dime of it, they have supported everything. To listen to these people criticize the health care system with 29 million people still uninsured and to complain about the costs, the rising premiums and the deductibles, and to hear them talk about unemployment, and to hear them talk about low wage, who do they think is responsible for this? ...

But I mean to listen to these people, to listen to an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders talk about how angry he is at what’s going on now, when it’s everything in the world that he wanted in 2008. Ditto, Hillary Clinton. What is there to be unhappy about? No, folks, follow me on this. I’m dead serious. They get everything they want. ...

And to listen to these two people go on and on about the status quo as though we are about finished, as though we are in dire straits, our consequences have never been more grave, and we need to do what? We need more of what has brought us here? We need more of what we’ve had to live through the last seven years? It’s like these two people got to stand up there and act like they had nothing to do with it. (Rush Limbaugh, 2016)

The Administration and/or its apologists blame inflation on “corporate greed”. They are saying, in essence, “It’s not our fault! We had nothing to do with this!” It’s totally their fault. And the Limbaugh Theorem is again proven true.

I have a conjecture about why the Limbaugh Theorem is true. Of course, no candidate running for office, and no official valuing his legacy wants to admit that a mega-problem was his fault, or that by his votes in Congress, he helped to cause it. But I think there is more than that obvious self-interest going on. There is a leftist heresy at stake here that they defend. It is this:

In leftist doctrine, Marxist government is the solution to all problems; it never makes mistakes, it is to be trusted, and we are to suppose that we can have faith in it. This is where Marxism-Leninism becomes religious: We are to trust Marxist government and look to it for all of our needs, as if it were God. Marxists present, and insist on, belief in and trust in Marxism as a replacement for belief and trust in God. I would call Marxism quasi-religious, except that Marxist officials act, and expect to be treated, like gods:

God hath stood in the congregation of gods: and being in the midst of them he judgeth gods. ...
I have said: You are gods and all of you the sons of the most High.
But you like men shall die: and shall fall like one of the princes. (from Psalm 82 [81])

Here is the first Marxist heresy, as I see it:

  • God was believed to be trustworthy, and worthy of Faith; it was said that He never made mistakes. But God does not exist.
  • Marxist government exists, and is like a divine Kingdom. Marxist leaders themselves are gods, worthy of faith and trust.
  • Therefore, Marxist government is like Heaven on Earth, and Marxist leaders, better than the imaginary God, never make mistakes and actually exist!

I conjecture that, part of the reason that leftists blame others for problems that they and their policies cause is that, when one becomes as leftist as they are, one apparently acquires the obligation to defend the above heresy. Apparently, defending that heresy comes with the Marxist territory.

It’s tough to defend the above heresy, because Marxist officials and governments make all kinds of mistakes, some of them sizeable. Apologists for them try to portray all major Marxist mistakes as mere nothings. One way to do that is blame things and people that are not to blame: “corporate greed”, for instance. Another example is to blame “climate change” for what is actually government mismanagement and non-management of our forests, causing large, devastating fires. It’s as if the apologists for this heresy have a rolodex full of non-government things and people to blame for problems that leftist governments cause.

Another item in their rolodex is, “systemic racism”. The truth is that government policies from the Johnson Administration on have done more to destroy the black family and the black community than anything else. Remember, our so-called systemically racist nation elected a black man President in 2008, and again in 2012. Blacks murder far more blacks than any other demographic does, and far more than the police did at the fulness of their staffing. Critical race theory teaches blacks to be racist against whites. Leftist government stirs-up, and tries to establish, racial hatred and violence. And of course, since such violence is evil, Marxists call it, “justice”—I think it would be under J in their rolodex.

Whenever a Marxist says, “These riots are good, because they are bringing racial justice”, or “We have to shut down industry to obtain environmental justice”, or “This looting and violence is social justice”, remember that they are whole-hog Orwellian on justice. Whenever they extol something as, “justice”, it is injustice.

They do the same with “equality” and “equity”, which I reckon they file under E. When a Marxist says, “This demographic needs equality”, remember, that demographic already has equality. What they are shooting for at that point is supremacism: women’s supremacism, black supremacism, Antifa supremacism and of course, Democratic Party supremacism. In other words, Marxist leaders promise people of certain selected demographics or groups that, if they become Marxist ideologues, Marxist governments will not prosecute their supremacist crimes, the victims of which are usually white men, whom Marxists arbitrarily define as evil. They also shoot for systemic supremacism, through Soros-funded D.As, that do not prosecute the crimes of these demographics and groups.

Let us not forget “toxic masculinity”. I suppose that it’s filed under T. It’s a card. The purpose of playing it is to make western men effeminate, by means of the lie that western men are too masculine. It’s a not-so-subtle attack on the virtue of manliness. In my opinion, this attack came straight from the Gates of Hell via the Soviet Union, the PRC and Marxist propagandists. In case you have not noticed, the PRC does not put down its men for being too masculine. Just the opposite: it encourages them to be masculine. The purpose of the “toxic masculinity” card is apparently to make America and other free nations pushovers.

The real toxin to free men and women is the same as it has always been: the deceit of the ancient serpent. Today, besides Satanism, the ideology that most promotes that deceit is Marxism—Marxist governments and officials. We actually need to be on guard against toxic Marxism, and of course, against Satanism, which by definition is toxic.

So much for the rolodex.

The Inverse Limbaugh Theorem is equally true: Leftist officials try to take credit for accomplishments that they had nothing to do with. Is the nation doing well in some way? Marxist officials then say something to this effect: “You didn’t build that.” The truth is that We the People worked to build every good thing. Even if it was a government-run project, the government took the money for it from We the People; and the government pays, eventually, companies that hire the necessary experts and tradesmen—engineers, architects, pipe fitters, truck drivers, steel workers, carpenters— to build the desired project. Again, this is all We the People. Except in the military, and then only in rare cases, government does not actually build anything. And We the People can truthfully say to the government, “You didn’t build that. We did!” But leftist officials credit themselves, their evil policies and Marxist government in general for bringing about any good that we observe, or measure with a metric of some kind.

I conjecture that, like the Limbaugh Theorem, the Inverse Limbaugh Theorem is also true because of a heresy: that Marxism and Marxist government are so good and worthy of faith and trust, that the only good things that happen come from them. Everything else, including Christianity, Judaism, the Enlightenment, the U.S. Constitution and God Himself, is inferior to Marxism and Marxist government.

Once one accepts Marxism, one apparently finds that the above heresy comes with the territory. Apparently, one is obliged to defend it. And again, it’s tough to defend. Anyone with a good mind—one not subverted by evil ideology—and a mustard seed of skepticism knows that neither of the above heresies are true. Some Marxists seem to know that their heresies are tough sells. That, I think, is why they seem to believe that they must cheat and commit crimes to obtain political office. They seem to believe that they must witch-hunt and/or imprison the political opposition; that they must pack courts with Marxist ideologues; and that they must steal elections by fraud; they apparently know that a thirteen year-old with a good mind and a Godly formation can see right through their heresies.

Finally, this article is not to be construed as an apology for stupid things that capitalists do or say, or that State capitalists do or say. This is not to be construed as an apology for socialist corporations operating in the U.S., and against the interests of the U.S. Constitution and We the People. I make no defense for the evils or abuses of pro-Marxist corporations, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Google.

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