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The Impeachment Is Still an Illusion

Michael Kaarhus
15:50 Friday, Dec. 20, AD 2019 GMT

Here I maintain that what I wrote previously is still true: the Burrocrat’s impeachment of President Trump is an illusion. And it will remain an illusion, unless the House hands it off to the Senate.

Some might object: “Mike, the House brought articles of impeachment on Dec. 13, and voted to impeach on Dec. 18. It’s not an illusion. It happened! It’s all over the headlines. Don’t you even look at the paper inside a box?”

As a matter of fact, I’ve seen the headlines. And I remember that, a long, long time ago, in our galaxy, the big headline was, “Dewey Defeats Truman!” More recently, every paper in America was ready to publish, “Clinton Wins!” They probably had the typeset all ready to go. In reality, the so-called impeachment is still an illusion.

Nothing has happened except a Star Chamber, and I am afraid that I am insulting Star Chambers. If it was a valid impeachment, with the requisite merits, then why isn’t the House handing it off to the Senate? Obviously, they don’t want the process to go to the next phase. But as long as it doesn’t go to the Senate, it’s not an impeachment. Thus far, it’s only been a show for the boob tube, and a smear of the President. It’s been partisan, anti-Trump electioneering at the People’s expense.

House Burrocrats are illusion-impeaching Trump on obstruction of Congress, because Trump did not comply with some of their subpoenas. However, Trump went to court over the subpoenas, and the court is still hearing that case or those cases. If the court were to decide that Trump must comply with the subpoenas, and if Trump were to then refuse to comply, then an article brought on obstruction might have merit. Then again it might not. I am not sure, because there is currently no hearing for the subpoenaed individuals to appear before. How could Trump send previously-subpoenaed people to a now-non-existent hearing? Would it be his responsibility to say to Speaker Pelosi, “Okay, restart your impeachment smearings now, so that I can send my people to testify”?

The present obstruction article is meritless; impeachment on that basis is illusory. That leaves the other phony article, abuse of power.

Abuse of power has not been not established, because the Burrocrats did not give Republicans any opportunity to call witnesses in the President’s defense, or witnesses that might have refuted the Burrocrat’s witnesses’ testimony. In addition, it was reported that Chairman Schiff instructed a witness to not answer questions under Republican cross-examination. And some of the hearings were held in secret, with no media present. Do we really know what was said by whom in the SCIF? I don’t know. I have not researched it that deeply. But I am suspicious, because there was no valid reason for secrecy. And the only reason that makes sense is that the Burrocrats were afraid that a witness might say something that they didn’t want made public.

We are supposed to believe that Burrocratic Reps. are giving us true SCIF testimonies, even after Chairman Schiff fabricated his own version of the President Trump-President Zelenskiy phone call, and suppressed testimony on certain questions. Do you believe, from people that habitually abuse their power, the accusation that Trump abused his power? I don’t.

Some might still object: “Mike, there are no requisite merits. An impeachment does not have to be an exemplar of American jurisprudence. It can be completely political and unfair. Bases for articles of impeachment do not necessarily even have to be true.”

Right. I am certain that the Burrocrats understand that. But the Senate is a legitimate juridical body, “When sitting for that purpose” (Cf. Art. I Sec. 3, U.S. Constitution). So, an impeachment has to merit a trial in the Senate, according to the Senate’s standards for merit, which in this case are loftier, and rightly so, than those of the House. The Senate has the prerogative to throw the impeachment out on lack of merit.

So yes, the House can impeach in a completely unfair and political manner. And they did! But it is not prudent, as the Burrocrats are now realizing.

The so-called impeachment was not only not a legitimate juridical process, it was a mockery of American jurisprudence. It does not merit a hearing in the U.S. Senate. And it remains an illusion.

[Jesus returning]

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