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How Their Arguments Became So Absurd

Michael Kaarhus
13:55 Friday, Dec. 13, AD 2019 GMT

Here I observe, as have others, that the Burrocratic Party laces their punch with a big lie: that President Trump is mistaken about everything that he does, and that inasmuch as we oppose whatever he is for, and promote whatever he opposes, we are on solid rock, and will not be proven wrong. I argue that accepting their lie-laced punch leads to accepting untrue, absurd arguments.

Trump is pro-U.S., pro-Constitution, pro-American people, pro-Israel, pro-Christianity, pro-Judaism, pro-peace, pro-free world, even pro-Communist world, in the sense that he wants to hash things out with Communist leaders, and arrive at mutually-agreeable concords. Trump is pro-humanity, pro-communication, pro-diplomacy, pro-robust economy. So, no one that likes any of the above can be never-Trump on all of them. But some believe that they should be; the Burrocratic Party tells them to. That’s when start to accept an array of absurd arguments. The more devoutly that they stick to their doctrine that Trump is always wrong, the more numerous their absurd arguments become.

To be never-Trump in every case, one must eventually convince oneself that all of the good things that Trump stands for are actually evil. One must begin to deceive oneself along these lines:

  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-U.S. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-U.S.
  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-Constitution. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-Constitution.
  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-Israel. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-Israel.
  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-Christianity. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-Christianity.
  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-robust economy. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-robust economy.

There is a general formula:

  • Trump is mistaken about everything, and he is pro-good things 1 through n. Therefore, it must be a mistake to be pro-good things 1 through n.

I think that the acceptance of the Burrocratic Party’s lie-laced punch is one of the main reasons why so many Burrocrats acquire upside-down beliefs on fundamental questions concerning darkness and light, evil and good, bitter and sweet (cf. Isaiah 5:20-21): in order to believe that Trump is mistaken in every case, they have to turn the entire universe of morality and truth on its head.

The Burrocrats that laced their Party’s punch are in effect saying: “This punch is great! You have to drink it to become enlightened, and really know good and evil.” They are responsible for all the evil that partaking of the punch causes. They fully intended to turn the universe of morality and truth on its head. They don’t care what or who they mess up, as long as they smear pro-Trumpers and Trump, and re-acquire control of the Executive Branch, the U.S. Military, the Intell Community, the Justice and State Departments, and the rest of the administrative burrocracy.¹

Burrocrats and never-Trumpers that seek light and truth, and that drink the lie-laced punch, might believe that the darkness that they have found is light (cf. Matth. 6:22-23). They might believe that the punch was harmless, that drinking it enlightened them, and that the universe of morality and truth really is upside-down. Maybe, with the Burrocratic Party leadership behind them, and fellow punch-drinkers around them, it seems easier to turn the universe upside-down, than to simply doubt their indoctrination, and become pro-Trump, or at least in-some-cases-Trump: Could it be that Trump is not mistaken about everything? Could it be that Trump is right, and that being pro-good things 1 through n is meritorious, not mistaken?

“What a wonderful world” it could become for them, if they would leave the universe be, and give Trump credit where credit is due.

Note 1: Power that they do not merit, and would only abuse.

Copyright © 2019 Michael Kaarhus

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