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An attitude of Antichrist

Michael Kaarhus
21:39 Friday, Nov. 29, AD 2019 GMT

This article began on Nov. 24, 2019, when I turned on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro. She was introducing the big story about the Israeli Attorney General's indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu. She mentioned President Trump:

While President Trump faces possible impeachment here, his closest ally abroad now faces criminal charges. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust for his dealings with wealthy businessmen. Will this spell the end for Netanyahu, as Israel's longest-serving Prime Minister? ... (Garcia-Navarro. Nov. 24, 2019)

Garcia-Navarro portrayed Netanyahu as Trump's ally. Within a minute, I turned the radio off. I had heard it before.

The Democrat-run media worked this propaganda against President Bush 43, and later, for President Obama: portray national alliances and efforts as merely personal, if the President is Republican, and as American, if the President is Democratic.

The Dem media portrayed the war in Iraq as Bush's war, not America's. If it didn't go well, that was bad for Bush, and for America, and you had better vote Democratic. If it went well, it was a fluke; somehow, Bush got lucky. It was not because Americans were behind him, or because American troops were good. Bush was just a lucky war criminal that Americans hated. That was the Democratic Party narrative; they hoped that America would lose the Iraq war, and that Bush would look bad.<1>

President Obama pulled the U.S. out of Iraq partly because the Democrats had already poisoned that war effort politically. Obama could hardly pursue a war effort that he and the Democrats had smeared and opposed, even though the war was won by the time that Obama got into office. Consequently, there was no follow through on Iraq, and ISIS took over.

The Dem media portrayed the Obama Admin's efforts to take out Muammar Qadaffi, isolate the Russian Federation, and make a pariah of President Putin as America's efforts against them. That was accurate, at least as far as the government went, because the Democrats were making American foreign policy. But if the Dem media had followed the same convention, they would have called them President Obama's efforts, not America's.

And now, Netanyahu is Trump's ally. No. Netanyahu is America's ally. Trump is Israel's ally. And Trump's foreign policy is the American government's. But to the Democratic Party, foreign policy is American, only if the Democratic Party formulates it. If a Republican President formulates it, then it's not American. Foreign leaders that like and work with a Democratic President are America's allies. Foreign leaders that like and work with a Republican President are allies only of that President. As far as the Dems are concerned, they could be enemies of America, because maybe they oppose the Democratic Party; anyone that does is an enemy of America.

Generally, the large lie here is that America's efforts and policies are American, only if they are Democratic Party efforts and policies. And if Democrats are not running America, it's not America, but it has been taken over by enemies. And to save America from such enemies, everyone needs to vote Democratic. This large lie is behind the Democratic Party's and the deep State's ongoing efforts to make pariahs of President Trump, President Putin, and the Russian Federation. When National Security Council member Fiona Hill testified in the finally-public fishing expedition on Nov. 21, she told the same old collection of deep State lies, and she presented them particularly well. Hill's testimony is an excellent example of the large lie, and of how convincingly it can be told.

The hearing was not about Hill. There was no reason for her to go into her family history, but she did. Extensively. Why?

First you have to understand that she covered every bullet point of her family bio with a thick layer pro-Americanism. She said that she is from the same part of England as George Washington's family, that the American Army saved her grandfather from Hun fire, gassing and shelling in World War I, and that her father loved America, and wanted to move here. What a wonnerful, wonnerful American! Maybe if she testifies again, she'll bring in a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and eat some for the cameras, while she watches Ed Sullivan reruns on a cathode ray tube.

Why was Hill so lavish in her praises of America? Why did she portray herself as the ultimate America lover and patriot?

I conjecture that she wanted everyone to associate the love of America with her, so that we would see her policy as American. And what is her policy?

It is the policy of the deep State, the Democratic Party, and some in the U.K Government, not of America as a whole, nor of the present Administration. Hill is pushing the large lie: that only Democratic Party policy is American. Hill also pushes the Intell Community line as infallible. Did she forget that President Clinton's Intell community gave false information on WMD, and got us into war with Iraq? Did she forget that the same Intell Community then provided bad information to U.S. and U.K. commanders in the field, and to the President, as this video recounts? Today, we are supposed to trust President Obama's Intell Community. I don't. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Here I argue that behind the large lie is an attitude of Antichrist. A lot of people have it. Let's take a look.

I wrote previously about Biblical references to, and info on Antichrist. The prophet Daniel wrote of a future, evil king:

And the king shall do according to his will, and he shall be lifted up, and shall magnify himself against every god : and he shall speak great things against the God of gods, and shall prosper, till the wrath be accomplished. For the determination is made. (Dan 11:36)

The Apostle Paul wrote:

Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. (2 Thess. 2:3-4)

Part of Antichrist's attitude is, “I am God. No other way besides Mine. No one is significant, except Me!”

The Democratic Party $machine has this attitude. It's their way or the highway. Only their policies are American. And if they are not in charge, America is not America. It's the definition of egotism: “We have decided to oppose Putin and the R.F., end of discussion. It's our narrative or the trash can. You had better not bring up Ukraine meddling, because our narrative is that Ukraine did not meddle against Trump. Your fiction is comprehensively debunked! We all agree, and so does the Intell Community. We have spoken! End of discussion!”

Where do they get that supremely egotistic attitude? To help answer that, let's consider someone else that has it: President Xi Jinping of the PRC. He is the poster-man for that attitude of Antichrist.

If Modernist media were covering a real barycenter of evil in news space, they would be covering Xi, not Trump, not Netanyahu. Xi is of course a Modernist, so maybe that's why Modernist Democrats and media give him a pass.

They report zip about Xi, even when he sends some 1,000,000 Uyghur Muslims to labor camps, razes Christian shrines and Churches, and converts others to cultural centers, replaces pictures of Jesus with ones of himself, and Ten Commandments displays with sayings of Xi. He calls it sinicization. Really, it is Xiification, the establishment of a cultus of Xi.

Xi is the head of all five of the State-run, so-called religions in the PRC, one of which is called a Church: the Three-Self Church, whatever that means. What used to be the Roman Catholic Church in China is called the The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. All five so-called religions in the PRC are cults of Xi. Any real religion in the PRC is not State-run, and is underground. To Modernist media, none of that evil is worth covering, because Trump is more evil than Xi. Trump threatens to defeat the Democratic candidate in 2020, after all!

My point is that Xi is an egotist. Forget the highway. It's Xi's way or the labor camp. He's got an Antichrist attitude. I refer to him as the poster-man of it, because he literally replaces religions in the PRC with a cultus of Xi. St. John the Evangelist would refer to Xi as an Antichrist:

Little children, it is the last hour ; and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many Antichrists : whereby we know that it is the last hour. (1 John 2: 18)<2>

Maybe one could argue that the Democratic $machine emulates Xi and the Chinese Communist Party, and that's why they are afflicted with an Antichrist attitude. And maybe such emulation is all that is necessary, in order to acquire that attitude. Fundamentally, however, to acquire that attitude is to acquire a spirit of Antichrist. Unfortunately for humanity, that attitude and that spirit are common. But they are not spiritually normative or healthy.

People wonder, what is with the Democratic $machine? Why do they so virulently hate Trump and Netanyahu, who really are good leaders?

The answer is simple, but many don't see it, because they look only to the materialistic and the political. Those that are animated by hatred for Trump and/or Netanyahu have a spirit of Antichrist. Some of them are Antichrists. It's not a materialistic phenomenon. They can't be helped with pro-Trump or pro-Netanyahu political arguments. They might be helped with, “Why are you so egotistic?”, but only if they are already thinking along spiritual lines. They need exorcisms. And I don't say it as a put-down. I am not trying to stigmatize them. I feel sorry for them.

Exorcisms are invaluable to people that have somehow acquired an evil spirit, or “many” of them. And materialism is not a defense against the devil. But the world, even Christendom, is materialistic. Many Christians don't know a simple exorcism. They don't suspect that they would ever need one, because the academy teaches only materialistic doctrines and sciences, as if materialism were all that there is.<3>

Exorcism is a ministry to people whom the Gates of Hell have infiltrated. But people that need it have to understand that they have a spiritual problem, not a material one, not a political one, not a worldly one. President Xi needs to understand that the very Institution that he is persecuting, the Church, is the place that he needs to go to seek help. And people in the Church need to understand when hate-filled people need exorcism, that Ministry of Liberation, and when they are merely angry for a day.

The worst thing that someone that has a spirit of Antichrist could do is persecute Churches. So probably, that's one of the first things that Antichrist wants them to do.

This is not rocket science. But it is spiritual, for which reason, many in our materialistic culture don't give it a single thought.


1: Unless or until President Trump can trust the Intell Community, he is probably wise to stay out of wars, because the Intell Community is apparently still stacked with Democratic Party political apparatchiks that want war to go badly for Trump. No matter what decision that Trump would make about a war, get into it, stay in it, not get into it or get out of it, the Democratic $machine would hammer him for it. The $machine has weaponized the Intell Community, and politicized war. To them, war is good for making Republican Presidents look bad. But if a Democratic President got into a war, or stayed in one, then that war would patriotic and just. And if a Democratic President did not get into one, or got out of one, then he would be a man of peace. <back>

2: “It is the last hour...” If we assume that the age will last until the year 2100, then we are in the last 2.3 minutes of the last hour. A more realistic estimate, in my opinion, would be 2040, in which case we would be in the last 35.3 seconds of the last hour. Caveat! I am a belly-scratching, knuckle-dragging, amateur exegete. I do not have a Bachelor's degree. Use my estimates at your own risk! <back>

3: Heaven and the Gates of Hell are just as real as everything else, but unlike everything else, last for eternity (cf. Matth. 16:18, ). <back>

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