Against Malice Toward Putin
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Against Malice Toward Putin

Michael Kaarhus
06:00 Sunday, Feb. 27, AD 2022 GMT

This article is not an up-to-the-minute report on the Ukraine-Russian Federation kerfuffle. I am actually only up-to-three-days-ago on that. This article considers principles more than news stories. And instead of keeping up with the news, I have taken time to write this.

Here at Christ Above Me, it’s OK to love President Putin. It’s not OK to harbor malice toward him.

In the first place, the actors that I object to in this matter are neither Ukranian nor Russian; they are American. I reject what the Obama Admin. did to Ukraine in the Kiev Spring in 2014 and beyond. That was international meddling, along with the Arab Spring, all of which was completely out of order. And the primary reason that it was out of order is that the Obama Admin. itself was, and still is, completely out of order. They have serious, egrigious disorders within themselves that they first need to address and correct, before going around, imposing their defective will on the rest of the world. What the Obama Admin. did in the world was atrocious. It scandalized me, because I am an American, and they did their repugnant springs in the name of U.S. national interest. They caused the refugee crisis, which is ongoing, because they destroyed stability everywhere that they did a spring. And they are still messing-up the world through their proxy, Mr. Biden. Consider, for instance, the Afghanistan withdrawl debacle. Consider also their ongoing efforts to resurrect the dead Iran Deal—the one that President Obama made without the approval of the U.S. Senate, and that President Trump rightly killed. I am still scandalized by what they do.

When someone like President Putin undoes some of what the Obama Admin. did, I am fine with that. It should all be undone. All of it was not just without merit, it was done with malice toward anyone that did not fall into line with it. It was done with that arrogance that says, “We are doing this not because it’s right, but because we have power to. And you had better agree with us, or you are the enemy, and we will come after you.” It was not the beginning of that malice, that arrogance. The world has seen it before, from pharaohs, philistines, emperors and tyrants long gone. But it is tyranny. And in American lifetimes, it is a novel instantiation of that ancient tyranny, arrogance and malice. It has surfaced, and is in our faces. In the U.S., in our time, it started with Barack Hussein Obama. And it really has not stopped, but since the fraudulent victory of Biden-Harris, it has grown more obnoxious, more in-your-face, more arrogant, more tyrannical, more malice-filled.

In the second place, since we in the U.S. have by no means overcome this novel instance of ancient malice and tyranny, we are really not in a position to criticize a President or a nation that is doing a better job against it than ourselves. Malice toward President Putin is out of order. From the Party of tyranny and malice—the Democratic—I expect to see malice toward President Putin. And I expect to see other things that are out of order: tyranny, treading on the U.S. Constitution, giving aid and comfort to Iran, for instance. That Party started the malice toward Putin, and indeed, toward anyone that dares to oppose them, or global tyrants of their ilk. And maybe from RINOS we might also expect to see malice toward Putin. But from those that claim to be conservative, malice toward Putin is unexpected, out of place and unacceptable.

Malice in general is not an item in which to seek common ground with Democrats, or anyone else. It is an evil—an ancient one—that the Democrats conjured up and embraced, and that any Godly individual needs to avoid like the spiritual plague that it is.

I confess that, formerly, I did not think twice about harboring malice in my heart; I had to be edified about that. So, I will share with you the edification that I received. It is a Lesson from Jesus:

Lesson #80. August 30, 1989

My people live with malice. Malice is spite! My people live with spite and in spitefulness of others. Their words are words of vengeance and spite.

Where is the absence of this malice? “Where?” I ask. When will My people live with love and not with malice? “When?” I ask. Why do My people live with spite and hatred? “Why?” I ask.

There is far too much spite and envy, and only on rare and few occasions can My Love and goodness be received. I offer to all only happiness, but My happiness is not the happiness they desire! They seek out a happiness to console their malice!

My people are not allowing Me to give to them the many gifts of My fruitful virtues. That is why I have told you that My Mother shall not be able to give new messages, because My people do not live the current ones. That is why I tell you My teachings shall be limited, because My people will not grasp My teachings and live My words by changing their hearts.

The reason stems from their malice and spitefulness, from the hatred which controls their lives, and from the envy which dwells in the core of their souls—envy which is poison and the venom of death.

Why cannot My people put aside their self-centeredness and absorb My words? I will not continue to teach if they continue to deny Me. My people are so concerned about who I speak to, instead of the words I speak! They criticize and condemn the actions of others, instead of recognizing their own actions! My people are responsible for destroying My goodness because of their malice!

Do you not know that those you hate and dislike identify the truth about yourself? How many times have I said: “Do not be concerned with how others offend you, but be concerned and prudent about how you offend others.” These words, My people, are for each one of you!

Stop living with malice and envy! Stop condemning others, for it will be your condemnation. Stop seeking attention by taking credit for My words, for this shall deceive you. Stop living in spite and hatred.

I warn you, My people, and this warning shall be the last. My Love is pure and unconditional. Do not call yourselves “children of God” if you love conditionally. Do not call yourselves “children of peace” if you live with malice, envy and hatred. Do not deceive yourselves!

Know the truth, for it is you who are responsible for the destruction of the world which was once created in the beauty of My Father. Know My Father’s delicate creative Hands are also strong and can destroy instantly all evil created by you! Fear My Father Who is your Father. Live with absence of malice, and pray for peace to reign in your hearts!

(from I Am Your Jesus of Mercy, Vol. 1, Lesson 80)

In the first place, inasmuch as people accept the proposition—the propaganda—that they should harbor malice in their hearts and minds toward Putin, they become de facto acolytes of pompous ass Democrats, such as Barack Hussein Obama, Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, Valerie Jarrett ... it’s a long list. No one that is actually conservative is one of their acolytes. And for good reason, because inasmuch as anyone accepts the malice that they have conjured-up from ancient past, that individual stands to ruin his or her entire spiritual life. It can become that serious.

The Democratic Party leadership invites into their hearts and minds not only malice, but also other vices, which can be thought of as spiritual plagues that destroy Virtue in human souls. And it is precisely because they have invited the destruction of any Virtue that might have been in them, that I say that these Democratic Party elites have serious problems that they need to address and fix, before doing anything else. If they had done that, they would not have fomented springs—rebellions—around the world, in accordance with their dark and illimitable wisdom. If they had done that, they would have withdrawn properly, not catastrophically, from Afghanistan. If they had done that, they would not be trying to revive the Iran Deal, nor would they have given aid and comfort to the same. If they hade done that, they would not have malice toward President Putin. But the reality is that they didn’t do that, and they still haven’t. And anyone that wants to retain a shred of pride in their spiritual development, anyone that harbors smallest hope of retaining Godly Virtues, and obtaining Life Eternal, needs to stay the hell away from the vices of Democratic Party elites. Please. Do not be like them, do not emulate them, do not acquire their vices, do not look up to them.

There is much more to be said as regards President Putin. And at the risk of making this article too lengthy, I am going to say more, because Putin has been so mercilessly thrashed by those that harbor malice toward him.

This is not the first version of this article. I have already written a slew of apologies for actions that Putin has taken. But it would take time to read them all. So, I think that, instead, I will try something quicker. It has an official name, but I will refer to is as a quicker way.

I have a smaller quicker way, and a larger one. The basis for both is that malice-and-vice-filled minds are trying to blow up the Urkaine-R.F. squabble into a planet-threatening conflict that NATO absolutely must intervene in, if we are to save anything we value. They want us to believe that this is the #1 big deal in the world. But that is rather easy to refute, because there are other things going on that are bigger, far more evil and more worthy of the attention of conservatives, and of everyone else, for that matter.

One of them is the talks that are currently transpiring in the Asperagus Palace in Vienna. There, representatives of so-called Western Powers are meeting with representatives of the Iranian Ayatollah, shall we call them the Tieless Powers?, in an effort to revive the infamous Iran Deal. If you think that anything Putin is now doing is anywhere near as significant as the Asperagus Palace talks, you had better think further.

Simply put, an Iran with nukes is unthinkable. And if truth prevailed in the minds and hearts of the leaders of so-called Western Powers, we would never see an Iran with nukes. But truth might not prevail in Vienna. What might prevail instead is theory, specifically, the discredited theory that says that all people are good, all are children of God, and if only we would give nukes and weapons to regimes that don’t have them, we would prove to them our goodness toward them, and our good intentions, and they, in turn, would be our friends.

In case you didn’t notice, the above theorem just failed spectacularly in Afghanistan, where we gave the hardware store, with some $85 BN in inventory, and Baghram Air Force Base, to the Taliban, and trusted that the Taliban would then be our friends, and peaceably allow everyone to leave Afghanistan that wanted to leave. We believed, insanely, that the mere act of giving away the store would somehow turn evil people into good ones. Well, this is the same discredited theorem that some leaders of so-called Western Powers would like to trust in—again—with the Ayatollahs. It goes something like this:

Surely, if we let them have nukes, they will see our magnaminity and be our friends. At any rate, we already bow down before them, because we have such affection for their brutality and cruelty. Since we worship the ground that they walk on, we might as well give them weapons of mass destruction.

It’s an insane argument. But this is what we are looking at via the Vienna talks.

Putin, I wish to point out, is not a partaker in that insanity. He is also not a Hitler. During his tenures as R.F. President, from 2000-2008, and again from 2012 to present, Putin has had access to all of the R.F’s nukes, and never used them. I think that if he were a Hitler, he would have used some of them by now. Whom would you trust more with nukes, Valdimir Putin or the Iranian Ayatollah?

Putin has an eighteen-year track record of not resorting to nukes. The Ayatollah, zero. And from the Ayatollah, not even an olive branch, only, “Death to America, Death to Israel”. So why aren’t American conservatives talking about efforts by the usual Western suspects—John Kerry, Barack Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarrett and the whole gang—to get the Iran deal back on track, and make Iran a nuclear power? You think Ukraine-R.F. unrest is a big deal? You don’t see what a small deal it would be, compared to Iran getting nukes. And that lack of vision is intentional.

A global gang of nouveau tyrants wants you to think that Iran getting nukes would be no big deal. But worse, they don’t even want you to know that they are trying to restore the Iran Deal.

Main sewer media are not covering it. The Obamaden Admin. is not talking about it. So, why are some American conservatives following their lead, and also not talking about it?

Are we envious of Putin? Is that another of our acquired vices? Is that why we want to drag him down to our level, wherein he would not be able to do anything to save the R.F., just like we don’t seem to be able to do anything to save America? Are we that low?

I for one want Putin to be capable—more capable than we are. That’s because, quite frankly, we don’t presently have the capability to keep John Kerry out of our foreign policy. We don’t presently have the capability to keep Barack Hussein Obama away from the levers of U.S. power. We don’t presently have the capability to secure our southern border. And it takes all the political effort we can muster to prevent the Democrats from sinking us $multi-trillions deeper into an abyss of debt, and even then, we need help from Sens. Manchin and Sinema (D-WV and D-AZ). And we want Putin to be like we are—incapable—hands tied—no power—at the mercy of wicked ones in high office? Are we nuts, or just envious? Or has our envy driven us insane?

Now for the larger quicker way:

It is wise to not escalate the Ukraine-R.F. scuffle. In a situation like this, escalation would work like it did in World War I: against Peace, and for mindless war. At least President Putin wishes to get it over with quickly and humanely, like he did in Crimea—very few casualties. He is judicious in his use of force, and he is doing more good than evil. Way more. But I know. You’re malice-filled, and you want NATO to slug it out with the R.F. So let’s consider that possibility.

What would happen? To whose benefit would that exercise in dual annhilation redound?

To introduce my answer to that question, I noticed that main sewer media have already given us a nom de guerre: Western Powers. That two-letter naming convention was used in World War I, when the Central Powers went to war against The Allies, sometimes referred to as the Allied Powers. What does this name portend?

It means simply this: that, when media sewer elites give your nation the name Powers, they, or someone from whom they take instruction, have already decided that they want your nation to fight a war that they want fought. It’s part of the language of warmongering. They have already chosen which nations they want on which side! And they want your nation on one or the other of them. Their minds are deep in the darkness of war. They are calling us one of the Western Powers because they want us to see ourselves as a force that would oppose and annhiliate the R.F. More than that, they want the R.F. to annhiliate us as well. They have no loyalty, except to death, and the culture thereof; they want both of the sides that they would divide us into, annhiliated. I ask again, to whose benefit would such a manipulated division and “paroxysm of slaughter” (Edmund Stillman) redound?

To that of radical Islamists, of course. That, I think, is what Islamists and Obamaites hope for: To sit back and relax while NATO and the R.F. slug it out and destroy each other, then simply walk in and take annhiliated Europe and the annhiliated R.F., and establish their long-dreamt-of, global caliphate. They’ve been wanting that since what, the twelfth century? I think it is Barack Obama’s and a global gang of nouveau tyrants’ desire: a global caliphate, and they want it to prevail easily, lazily, by making Western Civilization “turn on itself” (ibid.). I think that a gang of nouveau tyrants is giving us nomes de guerre, beating tocsins and stirring up our spirits for a fight against ourselves, and to our deaths, because death is exactly what they want for Western Civilization: NATO and the R.F. are the only non-communist entities that might oppose the rise of a global caliphate.

Believe it or not, those were the quicker ways.

To conclude, for how long do we keep wandering through this global tyrant hall of mirrors, wherein the R.F. is made an image, and replicated into Russia Russia Russia ... ad infinitum, President Putin is magnified into an inimical figure of immense proportion, and the poor little global, Modernist-Materialist tyrants are merely finely-dressed men hiding behind a curtain, pulling levers and flipping switches? Maybe you don’t see it as I do, because you don’t care to pull the curtain back. Maybe it takes one of the canine species to make that little effort.

I leave you with some questions:

  • Is Putin seeing to it that January sixth protesters rot in DC jails for minor offenses?
  • Is Putin seizing bank acounts, trucks and licenses of Canadian truck drivers for playing plinko in Ottawa?
  • Is Putin stealing U.S. federal elections?
  • Is Putin fomenting riots in Minneapolis and Portland?
  • Is Putin sinking the U.S. in an abyss of federal debt?
  • Would you be happy getting NATO into a war with the R.F., while Democratic Party elites tread on the U.S. Constitution?
  • Would you be happy seeing NATO and the R.F. kill each other, while Ayatollahs get nukes?
  • Would you be happy witnessing Christian Europe and Christian Russia destroy each other, opening the doors to Islamist invasion and supremacy?
  • Finally, is a global gang of nouveau tyrants wagging the dog with Russia Russia Russia ... so that we might forget about all the evils they are up to, and focus only on what they want us to?

I suspect that Barack Hussein Obama would be very happy seeing such outcomes. Patriotic Americans, no. Christians, no way.


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