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You Tell Me What It Means

Michael Kaarhus
02:41 Tuesday, Feb. 23, AD 2021 GMT

To all that bring the Doctrine of Christ, greetings!

On Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, our beloved Joe Biden addressed the Munich Security Conference. Here I try to figure out what some of the words that he spoke meant.

If our beloved Biden is answering questions off the cuff, then I attribute the words that he says to him. But if he is reading a speech, then I attribute his words to the President, Generalissimo Barack Obama, and to the Generalissimo’s general staff. I think that our beloved Biden, while invested with all the authority of the office that he holds, is essentially making President Obama’s announcements and speeches, signing President Obama’s executive orders and pursuing President Obama’s agenda. So, I am trying to figure out what some of President Obama’s words mean. This is not a new effort. People worked at it for eight years.

Here I ignore errors and gaffes that our beloved Biden makes because he is elderly. This is about errors and gaffes in the actual script that the Generalissimo, and/or his general staff, wrote for our beloved Biden to narrate.

For instance, our beloved Biden did a tolerably good job narrating this line:

We must stand up for the democratic values that make it possible for us to accomplish any of this, pushing back against those who would monopolize and normalize repression.

Okay! We are against those that monopolize repression. We want a piece of the repression action! If there’s anything I hate, it’s a repression monopolist. We demand a share of all forms of repression. Let’s make America just as repressive as any other nation. When it comes to being repressive, America needs to be able to compete with the best!

You tell me what it means. Maybe Press Secretary Psaki would give us the official explication if someone in the press corps asked.

How about this one:

The Kremlin attacks our democracies and weaponizes corruption to try to undermine our system of governance. Russian leaders want people to think that our system is more corrupt or as corrupt as theirs. But the world knows that isn’t true, including Russians – Russia’s own citizens.

Okay hold on. Did you know that corruption can be weaponized? Maybe you thought that corruption was a weakness, whether in war or peace. But no. It can be weaponized, and was apparently one of the Kremlin’s secret weapons, until the Generalissimo revealed its awful existence. Not only that, but we are behind the Kremlin in the weaponized corruption race: We are less corrupt than the Russian Federation. This means that we absolutely must become more corrupt than them; we are doomed if we continue to fall behind in the weaponized corruption race.

If you disagree, tell me what it means. Maybe I’ve spent too many hours shopping at WalMart and cleaning restrooms. Go ahead, give me the Democratic elitist explication.

Here’s another:

That’s why addressing recklessness – Russian recklessness and hacking into computer networks, in the United States and across Europe and the world, has become critical to protecting our collective security.

Obviously, this was another Russian secret weapon, until the Generalissimo revealed its horrific existence: recklessness. I know. You thought that recklessness was a weakness. But no. The Russians have somehow made it a threat. We had better catch up and become more reckless than the Russians, or we will be in big trouble.

Tell me what it means. Please.

Together, we need to invest in the technological innovations that are going to power our clean energy futures and enable us to build clean energy solutions to global markets.

Did you know that global markets are problems? They are. We know so, because the Generalissimo tells us that we need solutions to them. And the Generalissimo is like a customer in a global market: always right.

I also fail to understand what “technological innovations” would “power our ... futures”.

Traditionally, God has powered our futures, because God created time, and our futures are part of time. But now, according to the Generalissimo, “technological innovations” will soon “power our ... futures”. How to interpret that?

Obviously, we are soon to develop “technological innovations” that will enable us to control time, and hence, our futures (See Daniel 7: 24-25). What else could it mean?

“Mike, you dufus, you misunderstood the Generalissimo. What he meant was, ‘technological innovations ... are going to power our clean energy’. It’s about energy, not time. Get it right.”

Oh I see. In that case, I have a different question: Again, I am a WalMart shopper, but how exactly would we “power our ... energy”? Is there a Newtonian physicist out there that can explain that for me?

In physics, power and energy are two different, but related, mathematical entities. According to Joe Rovito at,

A joule is an amount energy. A watt is a rate of change of energy: a unit of power.

Energy = Power ∗ Time

Another clue here: a joule is equivalent to a watt for 1 second - e.g. watt-sec.

So now you know the difference between energy and power and are smarter than 50% of the EEs I’ve interviewed.

Wow! Here at Christ Above Me, you can learn things about energy and power that some electrical engineers do not know!

From the above it is clear that energy is the same as power, except that each relates to time differently: power has one more unit of time in the denominator: Power = Energy / time.

So, no matter how you look at the Generalissimo’s statement, “... technological innovations that are going to power our clean energy futures”, you run into time. No matter how you slice it, we cannot have energy, power or a future without time, which God created, and is in charge of.

As to the morality and color of energy, there are perhaps some insights here.

Good energy is always said to be green. If you consulted a physicist, he or she would tell you that there are many colors of energy, and that energy does not necessarily have a color. Potential energy, for instance, is always colorless. Inasmuch as we insist that all of our energy be green, we ace ourselves out of all the energy of different colors, and of no color, and of all potential energy.

Consider for instance, that, Energy = Horses ∗ Time. If we were to insist that all of our Energy be green, we could use only green Horses to obtain it. We would not be able to use Horses of a different color, such as black, beige or palomino. That would lack horse sense.

It would also lack justice, because when people define that only green energy is good, that implies that all energy of a different color, as well as all colorless energy, is evil. Just think of all the energy of a different color, and of all colorless energy, yearning for equality. Democratic Party elites reject all such energy on account of color. It is discriminatory and unjust.

Obviously, America needs an energy rights Constitutional Amendment. The same goes for our future.

Democratic elites insist that we must work toward a green future. Well, what if the only future that we can practicably obtain is navy, darkviolet, sienna, or red, white and blue?

It’s dumb to put all of our eggs into a future of one color. And it is discriminatory against futures of a different color that we could obtain, and might have to, in order to survive.

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