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An Apology for Judge Kavanaugh

Michael Kaarhus
04:34 Friday, Oct. 5, AD 2018 GMT
Shangri La

“They have hated him that rebuketh in the gate : and have abhorred him that speaketh perfectly.” – Amos V 10

Judge Kavanaugh defended his good name against the many calumnies, smears and false witnesses that Democrats made against him. In that defense, we saw that Kavanaugh is not a swamp-dweller, but one of We the People, not one that surrenders to evils, but one that fights them. For his self-defense, Leftists—even some British ones—now criticize Kavanaugh for lacking “a judicial temperament” (Sec’y. Clinton).

It is just the latest smear. But against this smear, it is fitting that others defend him, because the Left is actually smearing him for fighting back; if he continued to defend himself, then I suppose that the left would smear him all the more for lacking “a judicial temperament”. So, the Left actually invited this apology from me, your independent correspondent.

I make four arguments in Kavanaugh’s defence:

  1. I know that the British feminist-Left sees the American feminist-Left’s war against Kavanaugh as an opportunity to meddle in American politics. So I caution you that some of us colonists do not take kindly to foreign meddling. You are piling-on, which we count as foul. If you are selling false witness, feminist flotsam, Marxist mush and/or anti-Catholic cirriped, please, keep it over there! I for one am not buying any such rubbish; we have an abundance of it already. Try preaching your false gospel to birds and wolves; see how long they hang around to listen. “The ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger”, so to your false gospel they will not listen! (Isaiah 1:3)
  2. Kavanaugh did not fight or get feisty until the Democrats attacked him, seeking to destroy his good name, and his professional life by lining up people with false witnesses against him. When you provoke someone, seeking by false witness to destroy their name, reputation and career, that in itself is a serious offense. Why, after some 4000 years, do I have to keep sending people to Exodus XX? And you are doubly “out of bounds” (Sec’y. Clinton) to then complain about the smeared one’s temperament when they fight back. You are doubling down on the evil of your previous sin, when you need to repent of your previous sin, and amend your life. I would be concerned about any judge that would not fight back against such provocations and falsehoods; it would mean that the judge did not have a basic sense of right and wrong.

    The Democrats do not care about right and wrong. In a Justice, they just want someone that will sign on to their evil agenda, and dismiss as irrelevant any objections of conscience. That is not Kavanaugh. And that is one reason that they hate him, and that I like him: he cares about right and wrong.

  3. If you hate a judge that gets angry at injustices, such as the Democrats did to Kavanaugh, then you hate your ultimate Judge, Jesus.

    Jesus is the perfect judge, and He opposes evils with righteous Indignation. He suffered the same kinds of injustices, but with worse consequences: they that hated Him turned Him over to the judgement of the Governor, and to crucifixion. Jesus knows what it is like to be falsely accused. And if you think that bearing false witness does not anger Jesus, maybe you don’t know Him very well. Maybe you need to go back to square one, and rebuild your sense of right and wrong, using the Light of Christ as your foundation, instead of the false lights of feminism and socialism.

  4. Woe to you Democratic hypocrites, because you say, “Thou shalt not reprove, thou shalt not correct, thou shalt not admonish, thou shalt not express outrage, thou shalt not fight back when wronged, and thou shalt not be angry at us”, but you do all of the above, and your own temperament is usually as insufferable as that of a pack of wild hogs.

I am proud of Judge Kavanaugh for pushing back against the injustices that the Democrats arrayed against him. I am glad that he got angry for an afternoon. How else does one set unjust Senators right?

Judge Kavanaugh is actually well-tempered. If the Senate Democrats had treated an ill-tempered man like they treated Kavanaugh, security would have had to restrain and drag him out, because he would have thrown punches. The Democratic Senators abused the powers of their position and office.

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