An Apology for Our Holy Co-Redeemer
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An Apology for Our Holy Co-Redeemer

Michael Kaarhus
12:05 Wednesday, Apr. 21, AD 2021 GMT.
Corrected Apr. 2, 2023

Some argue that Christ is the only Redeemer and that there are no co-redeemers with Christ; He is the only one.

Here I argue that Christ is the only divine Redeemer, but not the only redeemer. There are human co-redeemers in Him.

To make this argument, I rely on my own judgment only once: to posit that the holy Prophecies I invoke here are true and worthy of Faith. Other than that, I argue from the Authority of Christ, their Author.

I refer to holy Prophecies that Jesus gave to a prophet of His, Gianna Talone-Bianchi:

LESSONS from Our Lord for the World
Volume II Lesson # 11

October 15, 1989


My child, I would like to begin by stating that there is no relation between time and the Eternal God!

God, Who made the world then, has the same Word now! He is Eternal as I am Eternal, and the souls He created are Eternal! The relation between God and souls is Eternal! That which gave rise to punishment then, gives rise to the same punishment now! The precepts then are the same precepts of His law now. These precepts are still not practiced. What is practiced is merely words. The precepts of the law are not practiced from the heart.

God does not change, man changes! He is and always will be the same God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Man, created by Him, is free. I have come to make man more free.

However, if man chooses to walk away from Me for his own welfare and righteousness, he may do so freely. I will not hold him back. He may have temporary life and welfare!

I come to give man far more freedom and the graces of peace, happiness, wealth, and the freedom from all religions in which the oppressive causes are suffocating the true Word of God! My people do not realize it is dignity at its highest level that I bring to them. I have announced this so that they may know that they are co-redeemers in Me through this dignity.

The angels, although perfect, are inferior to man—inferior, because they do not have the power, as man, to sacrifice themselves in Christ for the redemption of man! My Father does not ask the angels to suffer and be imitators of Christ! It is man, who is invited to be a co-redeemer and imitator of Me, and procreators of souls who enter Heaven! However, man cannot understand this. Is it much too superior a thought—man as co-redeemer?


The evil one shall always attempt to snatch souls with his poison. Know that where I am, so is he, lingering. Where I evangelize, he will always try to prove Me wrong! I will always protect My people from his weapons and external harm; but they must interiorly have the will to follow Me, and be purified from his poisonous venom. Be co-redeemers in Me, My people. Receive My dignity by being imitators and procreators of My Father. It is good; and it is the power you have, that no evil can strip from you. Use your gifts of power, will, goodness and peace!

Peace and goodness shall be yours! (from I Am Your Jesus of Mercy, Volume II. The Riehle Foundation. 1990.)

Jesus instructs us, “Be co-redeemers in Me, My people.” It is, from God’s point of view, not “too superior a thought”, that humans can become co-redeemers in Christ. In light of that, I will not accept that Our Blessed Mother was or is not a co-redeemer. She was and is, in my opinion, the proto-co-redeemer—the first one, and the most proficient—but not the last.

Jesus mentions the term co-redeemers in at least one other place: in His Lesson on Sorrow:

... My people live in sorrow, a pain deeply embedded in their souls. As each day goes by, their pain does not alleviate, but continues to deepen until their hearts turn cold and then to ice! The numbness exists and they co-exist, not as co-redeemers, but as co-destructors! They exist in the only possible way—with no love! Their sorrow and pain are true, which cloud their hearts, minds and souls with such viscosity that they mourn. They mourn because their souls thirst for love and honesty, but their hearts have turned to ice! If only they would come to Me, I would refresh them with life, the love of life and the beauty of all creation. ... (from Lesson #19. I Am Your Jesus of Mercy, Volume II. November 7, 1989)

To be a co-redeemer is a gift from God.

Obviously, I have no objection to declaring as dogma that Our Blessed Mother—the most gifted, humblest, and now most exalted human being that ever lived—is a co-redeemer in Christ.

[Apr. 2, 2023: the above is corrected to:] I have no objection to declaring as dogma that Our Blessed Mother—who, besides God Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ, is the most gifted, humblest, and now most exalted human being that ever lived—is a co-redeemer in Christ.

However, the term, co-redemptrix, is improper.

In Latin, the prefix co- means with. Therefore, the term literally means, with the redemptrix, or perhaps, another redemptrix. That is not at all the meaning that people wish to convey. Christ is the divine Redeemer. Co-redemptrix implies that Christ is the divine Redemptrix, which is obviously errant.

The proper term is co-redeemer. A redemptrix in Christ, Our Redeemer, would also be proper.

Maybe you think that I am straining at gnats. However, it would insult Christ to refer to Our Blessed Mother as co-redemptrix, whereas, it would insult neither Christ nor Our Blessed Mother to refer to her as co-redeemer.


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